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A damaged MCRN Scirocco after the initial Martian victory at the early stages of the UN-MCR War.

The Scirocco-class assault cruiser[1] is a prolific class of Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN) assault cruiser.

Designed as a high-speed troop carrier and frontline warship, ships of this class were in service during the UN-MCR War and in succeeding conflicts including the Slow zone incident and the Free Navy Conflict.


At 200 meters long, with a sleek, and angular hull, ships of these class are driven by four powerful RT8-F series Epstein drives, ensuring great maneuverability, acceleration and deceleration of the vessels' mass efficiently.

Their ventral bays can hold up to three Chariot-type dropships ready for rapid deployment of up to 36 Martian Marines at once. As such these ships often contain squads of the venerated Force Recon Marines equipped with Goliath Powered Armor onboard. Sciroccos are also equipped for boarding assaults with 12 single-occupant Mosquito-type breaching pods (six on each of their dorsal port and starboard sides) and multiple grappling cannons to latch onto targets.

Although primarily an assault ship, the Scirocco-class is suitably equipped as a frontline warship. Equipped with a dorsal-starboard mounted light railgun turret, five larger torpedo tubes, five smaller torpedo tubes (allowing for great versatility of torpedo warhead yields) and 12 to 14 point defense cannons (PDCs). The PDCs are distributed evenly among the ship's frame. There is two on the dorsal bow, two on the starboard bow, two on the portside bow, two on the ventral hull, one behind the starboard and port protruding hulls, and one on each of its four Epstein drives. The Scirocco only has 12 point defense cannons, due to that specific ship not having the two on the dorsal bow.

Their electronics are no less impressive than her gunnery, featuring only the best targeting suites, ensuring maximum PDC efficiency, railgun accuracy, and torpedo impact probability. Sciroccos are also equipped with electronic countermeasures, further bolstering her anti-torpedo defenses, and advanced communication and tactical arrays. It's also noted that the missile systems of the Scirocco-class have a greater range than most United Nations Navy (UNN) warships, including the UNN's largest warship class, the Truman-class dreadnought.

Fast, adaptable, powerful, and equipped for any role, anyone should see the Scirocco as a viable threat to watch out for. While they're adaptable and a jack of all trades, it should be noted that they are also not a complete master of any. Its single light railgun and limited number of variable warhead tubes, while still formidable, limits its offensive capabilities, even with its greater torpedo range, especially when in combat against larger, and even similarly sized warships. This class also heavily relies on highly trained troops, as its troop capacity is still considerably lower than most dedicated assault ships.


  • Mainstay attack cruiser.
  • High-speed troop carrier.
  • Mobile command center.
  • Communications support ship.
  • Boarding craft.


The MCRN Scirocco, namesake of the class, was dispatched by MCRN Command to secure the research station on the irregular Cronian moon of Phoebe. The late MCRN Jupiter fleet flagship, the MCRN Donnager had been returning from the research station before it was mysteriously destroyed. Martian Marine Corps (MMC) soliders were supposed to secure the station, including Gunnery Sergeant Bobbie Draper and her squad, Privates Hillman, Travis and Corporal Sa'id.

However this would not ultimately happen, as the United Nations Navy (UNN) battleship, the Nathan Hale had the same idea with a head start to boot, and would reach the station before the Scirocco would be able to. This caused the Scirocco to nuke the irregular shaped moon as a last resort, as they were not, under any circumstances, to let the UNN find the data from the research station.

Later, during the start of the Ganymede Incident, the Scirocco was involved in the skirmish that kickstarted the battle, with the ship being heavily damaged after the initial Martian victory. The MMC C.O. (Commanding Officer), Lieutenant Sutton, was killed in the battle.

Later during the Ganymede Incident, & the early stages of the UN-MCR War, the MCRN Valkyrie fired a torpedo at a civilian refugee ship, the Weeping Somnambulist for violating the Ganymede no-fly zone. However, the ship would be saved after the Rocinante destroyed the incoming torpedo. The MCRN fleet over Ganymede, including the Valkyrie, let the Rocinante & the Weeping Somnambulist, leave, in order to prepare for the impending UNN fleet that was approaching the Jovian moon.

Later, the Scirocco would transport the remaining crew to Earth, more specfically the Martian Congressional Republic (MCR) Embassy in New York City, for reaching a peace to end the fighting over Ganymede. After the failed peace talks, the Scirocco would be fully repaired and brought back into service, serving in the UN-MCR War.

During the latter stages of the UN-MCR War, the MCRN Hammurabi, leading the remaining forces of the MCRN Jupiter fleet & the MCRN 3rd fleet, & having had received the survivors of the MCRN Kittur Chennamma, along with most importantly recovering the intel about a consiparcy within the United Nations (UN) government & UNN, intercepted the UNN Jupiter fleet flagship, the UNN Agatha King along with the UNN 3rd fleet near Io.

After being informed of the intel by the MCRN Hammurabi, former UNN Agatha King commanding officer, Admiral Michael Souther, relived UNN Fleet Admiral, & current commanding officer of the UNN Agatha King, Augusto Nguyễn claiming they were fighting an illegal war, demanded to know why they were headed for the Jovian moon of Io over the comms of the entire UNN 3rd fleet, as Nguyễn did not truly tell them why. Souther was later excuted by Nguyễn claming he started a mutiny, & ordered the UNN fleet to attack the Martian fleet. Some ships do not acknowledge, leading the Agatha King to open fire on the "traitors", destroying many UNN ships. This caused the "Souther loyalists" to fire on ships who acknowlegded Nguyễn's orders, which resulted in the infamous Io Campign.

The PDCs of the MCRN Hammurabi shoot down Protomolcule Hybrid Stealth pods.

The Hammurabi & the rest of the MCRN fleet declare that they will accept any surrendering UNN warships under a flag of truce. UNN Fleet Admiral Nguyễn then reveals part of his true intentions, as he launches several Protomolecule hybrid stealth pods at Mars, with the goal of infecting Mars's population. These Hybrid stealth pods, due to their Epstein drives being temporarily active, are tracked & shot down before they ever reached Mars, with the Hammurabi destroying many.

The Hammurabi partially shoots 1 pod down, which then crashes into the UNN Agatha King, quickly infecting the majority of its crew. Eventually prisoner Cotyar Ghazi overloads the ships reactor, killing all its crew, along with the all the Protomolecule onbaord the ship, bringing an end to the UN-MCR War. As the war finally ended, the Sol systems' powers identfied a new potential threat to the Human race, the Sol gate.

The UN, MCR, & Outer Planets Alliance (OPA) toghether send a fleet of their warships to the Ring megastructure that the Protomolecule constructed in orbit beyond Uranus, with the Hammurabi a ship among the Martian envoy to the Protomolecule construct. When Manéo Jung-Espinoza, a Belter slingshot racer, approached the ring in his racing ship, the Y Que, intending to fly though the structure, the Hammurabi warned him to vacate the area or be fired upon. He did not acknowlege their warnings, & his ship activated the Ring, killing him in the process.

When the UNN Seung Un had been bombed, & the reponsibilty of the bombing incorrectly framed on the captian of the Rocinante, James Holden, the OPAS Behemoth fired a torpedo at the Rocinante, causing him to enter the Slow Zone, his crew being the first Humans to ever enter the Slow Zone, along with the Rocinante being the first ship to enter as well.

The MCRN Xuesen followed, being the first MCRN ship to do so, & had orders to capture James Holden, his ship, & crew. The Xuesen deployed a dropship containing a marine team to capture James Holden when he space walked to the Ring Station in the center of Ring Space; a part of this marine team was Gunnery Sergeant Bobbie Draper. During this time, whilst the dropship was stationary, the slow zone defenses lowered the speed limit in the area, "catching" the Xuesen and instantly halting the ship's velocity. This rapid change in movement resulted in the near-instantaneous death of one-third of the crew and badly injuring another third.

After the ships were released from the Slow Zone, the Xuesen the presumably leaves, heading for Mars, or rather guarding the Sol Gate.

During the Slow Zone blockade run, eight Belter ships charged the EMC Ring Gate fleet. This fleet consisted of at least 1 unamed Scirocco-class. It indiviually took out 1 Belter ship with its railgun, before quickly giving chase for the others that slipped through the gate.

Two Belters used uniforms of the MCRN Aryabhata to gain access to Mariner Valley shipyard storages to steal materials and buy other military materials from a black market. This ship may possibly be under the control of the Free Navy.

Later during a big money deal these same men with a third attempted to murder the Martians who sold them the materials then fled on a Morrigan-class Patrol Destroyer after setting off a bomb damaging the shipyard and causing a massive decompression, shattering all the glass panels of the roof.

A Free Navy Scirocco, possibly the MCRN Aryabhata, although not confirmed.

A single Scirocco-class, was a part of the Free Navy command fleet during the Battle for the Sol gate Free Navy Conflict. Although not confirmed, this may be the MCRN Aryabhata.

Multiple Scirocco-class ships, at least four, would be present in the Martian breakaway fleet that would eventually establish the Laconian Empire.

Numerous MCRN Scirocco-class Assault cruisers were seen during the Free Navy conflict, with one serving in the EMC Joint Fleet in the operation to retake Ceres Station. Three stealth coated[2] Scirocco-class ships took part in the First battle of Medina Station and were all destroyed.

Known ships[]

Designation Photo Appears Notes
MCRN Scirocco S02E06scirocco2-29m55s.jpg Season 2, Season 3 Trasported LT Sutton and GySgt Bobbie Draper and was later heavily damaged by UNN forces during the Ganymede Incident.
MCRN Valkyrie S02E12mcrnvalkyrie-40m25s.jpg Season 2 Threatens to attack the Weeping Somnambulist as it flees the Ganymede quarantine area.
MCRN Hammurabi S03E05hammurabi3closer-3m39s.jpg Season 3 Commanded by CAPT Sandrine Kirino, present during the face-off with and later mutiny aboard the UNN Agatha King near the Jovian moon of Io. Destroyed many hybrid pods.
MCRN Xuesen S03E09xuesen-9m06s.jpg Season 3 Bobbie was deployed to Xuesen after being reinstated in the Martian Marine Corps (MMC).
MCRN Aryabhata S05E10SciroccoFNfleet.jpg Season 4, Season 5 (presumed), Season 6 (Possibly) Belters obtained stolen MCRN items whilst wearing the uniform of this ship. Later a Scirocco-class ship presumably the Aryabhata was at the Battle for the Sol gate. This ship may have possibly appeared in Season 6.
MCRN Atacama S06E05Atacamapresumed.jpg Season 6 Flagship of Admiral Sandrine Kirino during Free Navy Conflict until its destruction. Participated in the First Battle of Medina Station as part of the MCRN strike force, later destroyed by the Ring Station Railguns. Presumed to be stealth coated.


  • The class's name comes from the Italian word for a South-Easterly Mediterranean wind blowing from the Sahara Desert, which can reach near-hurricane-force speeds in the summer and autumn.
    • The name of this class could be named after Paptimus Scirocco, a character from the classic 1985 mecha anime, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. He is known as "The Man from Jupiter," which also coincides with how the Scirocco-class is seen to be very active in the Jovian system.
  • The Scirocco's port dorsal protrusion has an opening for a railgun like its starboard counterpart, but it's not used for either one or both of two reasons - a second railgun would draw too much power from other systems, or the protrusion is used for additional sensor suites as it does have antennae protruding out. There is also an identical ventral protrusion directly behind the ventral dropship bays, but that doesn't seem to serve any notable purpose.



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