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The MCRN Shandian was a Morrigan-class patrol destroyer, modified with stealth capabilities, of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy.


The Shandian was deployed to shadow the Arboghast as it studied the Eros crater on Venus.[1]

The ship entered the planet's atmosphere to reach the crater before the science vessel at which time the Shandian disappeared from the sensors of the Arboghast. It is probable that the ship was disaggregated down to its individual components and destroyed by the Protomolecule, or that it simply blinked out of existence.[2]


Vessel: Shandian; Appearances
Season 2 — Episode"The Weeping Somnambulist"Appears (VFX prop)
Season 2 — Episode"Here There Be Dragons"Appears (VFX prop)
Season 2 — Episode"Caliban's War"Appears (VFX prop)


  • The name on the hull of the ship appears in both Latin transliteration as well as ancestral Chinese simplified, "闪电". The Chinese traditional characters would be "閃電".
  • The vessel's name, Shandian, means "Lightning" in Mandarin Chinese.

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