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Shed Garvey was a med-tech official aboard the Canterbury. He was killed when the Donnager was attacked and destroyed.

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Shed Garvey was the medical technician aboard the Pur'N'Kleen ice hauler, the Canterbury (which supplied water for the Asteroid Belt's residents).

Even though he's closer to an EMT than a doctor, Shed is all the crew has got as he's called upon for everything from social diseases to life-or-death surgeries. When the Canterbury was gutted to clear the way for cargo, the medical bay was removed, so Shed now had to operate at a dining table in the galley. In addition to his official medical duties aboard the ship, Shed also provides more 'recreational' supplies to the crew, as he does aboard the Donnager.

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Shed seems to be a calm, easy going man with a hopeful personality with only few exceptional circumstances.

He cares about his fellow crew members and will lend any aid he can to help them or calm them down in a crisis. Even in the middle of an intense CQB scenario, he displays these qualities. Notable exceptions include when Holden had to calm him down before attempting to fix the Knight's transceiver array, when Naomi had to remind him to act promptly with the hypoxia threat on Alex, and when he made a gloomy remark after the Martian Marines left all but one of the surviving Canterbury crewmembers in the Donnager's brig.

He is also a quick thinker and selfless, as shown when he saved Alex Kamal's life when the former ran out of oxygen in his suit and Shed improvised a shared breathing tube, giving Alex what precious air he had left even to the point where Shed himself passed out from asphyxiation.

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Shed Garvey treated Cameron Paj's severed arm in the Canterbury's dining area. He warned Paj to beware that the company will try to shortchange him on the prosthetic he's entitled to. He offers Jim some of his recreational relaxant sticks to help him sleep, which Holden politely refuses. Later, he is called to bring the Canterbury's XO into mental health treatment.

When the Canterbury dispatched the Knight shuttle to investigate the Scopuli, Shed was chosen by Holden to come along, as well as Naomi, Amos, and Alex, in case of possible survivors needing his medical assistance. He expresses disinterest in participation on the objective as well as a will to be derelict in the performance of his obligations. When the shuttle arrives at the site of the Scopuli, Shed suggests a bit of dishonesty about actually going aboard to investigate. Just before they conclude their excursion, they are called back by Canterbury upon the unexpected emergence of the Stealth Ship Anubis.

Shed and the others watched in slack-jawed horror as it destroys the enormous ice hauler utilizing nuclear missiles.

Surviving Canterbury's destruction Edit

At risk of losing their limited remaining air supply, now down to a mere four hours' worth of oxygen, Shed protested the efforts to leave the shuttle in order to repair the Knight's radio antenna. He then suffered a panic attack, but Holden got him to calm down by giving Shed a dose of downer relaxant from his own illicit baggy stash. In turn, Shed manages to valiantly save Alex from hypoxia by improvising a conjoined breathing apparatus. Once his combined oxygen supply is depleted, Shed falls into unconsciousness and required resuscitation by Holden. Alex expressed gratitude at Shed's actions.

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When the crew of the Knight shuttle was rescued, Shed and the others were locked in the Donnager's brig while Holden was taken to the bridge. He remained calm and level-headed compared to Amos, voluntarily proceeding into his holding cell without resistance. Once the Marines departed with only one of their number remaining guard, Shed' gloomily remarked that they were going to be executed. Later, he attempted to warm up to Corporal Dookie to offset tensions while Amos was trying to instigate a physical confrontation, expressing his admiration of the Martian culture and revealing he had once dated a Martian woman.

When Donnager entered combat with six mysterious gunships, he suggested they take a seat and buckle up. The intensity of the battle caused Alex to suffer a panic attack, at which point Shed takes out his plastic baggy, removing a relaxant stick, tossing it to Alex while talking to him to calm the pilot down.

"Trust me, we're all going to be just fi-"
— -Shed's last words-

While in mid-sentence, there was a loud clank and Shed fell silent. Alex, Naomi, and even Amos looked on in horror to see Shed had been cleanly decapitated by a railgun round penetrating through the room, his blood being sucked out the hole into the depressurizing corridor outside. When Jim arrived with three Martian Marines arrived to rescue the others, he looked on with dismay at the sight of Shed's corpse.

His body was left aboard the Donnager and was vaporized when the battleship was scuttled.

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