Skiffs refer to smallest of spacecraft that are often used for transportation.[Citation needed] Utilized by both the United Nations (UN) and the Martian Congressional Republic (MCR) as well as by Outer Planets Alliance (OPA) and civilians for transport between vessels, stations, and planets.

Variants include military dropships, short range shuttles, and repair skiffs.

Miliary/Government dropship Skiffs[edit | edit source]

RPG UNlogo.jpg Marauder-class[edit | edit source]

Much larger than their utility and maintenance brethren, dropship skiffs are meant to transport officers and soldiers to ground or from ship-to-ship. The UNN makes a few different sizes and models at the Bush Naval Shipyards, but the basic purpose and idea remains the same.

RPG UNlogo.jpg Insertion-class[edit | edit source]

Much larger than their utility and maintenance brethren, dropship skiffs are meant to transport officers and soldiers to the ground or from ship-to-ship. The UNN makes a few different sizes and models at the Bush Naval Shipyards, but the basic purpose and idea remains the same.

RPG MCRN flag.jpg Troika-class[edit | edit source]

The only Martian dropship to be mounted with ground-focused artillery, the Troika-class dropship can set down on any battlefield and provide heavy cover fire while Martian Marines pour out of it.

Martian Congressional Republic.png Chariot-type Dropship Skiff.[edit | edit source]


The Chariot-type Dropship is a classification of dropship employed by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN). Scirocco-class assault cruisers can carry a complement of three Chariot-type dropships and several are carried in the internal hangars of Donnager-class battleships. They can carry a complement of twelve Martian Marines alongside a complement of Recon Marines equipped with Goliath Powered Armor.

UN logo.png L-Type Dropship Skiff.[edit | edit source]


This class of ship is used by the United Nations Navy. It is designed to descend and ascend from a planet's surface into space as well as acting as a shuttle between ships. The L-Type bears a strong resemblance to the MCRN's Chariot-type.

It is known that Earth and Mars use several different models and variations of L-Type dropships. For example, the variant that was used to transport Chrisjen Avasarala and her retinue are shown to have a luxurious interior, unlike the variant that was used for transportation of a captured OPA agent, which had a more utilitarian, military-like interior.

A complement of six L-Type Dropships is carried in the hangar bays of Truman-class dreadnoughts.

UN logo.png M-Type Dropship Skiff[edit | edit source]

A larger dropship than the L-Type. The M-Type Dropship Skiff is often used by the United Nations Marine Corps onboard Leonidas-class battleships. The larger capacity allows for large detachments of marines to be deployed.

Government shuttles/aircraft[edit | edit source]

UN logo.png UN One[edit | edit source]

UN One over Mars.

The shuttle UN One is a VIP aircraft/shuttlecraft for use by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. The shuttle has a luxurious interior and is capable of being stored inside the hangar bay of a Leonidas-class battleship.

During the UN's first diplomatic visit to Mars, then Secretary-General of the United Nations, Chrisjen Avasarala, arrived onboard this shuttle and later returned onboard it to Earth. During a moment of national security, the Secretary-General returned to this vessel, and it took off whilst a threat to Earth was present.

Civilian skiffs[edit | edit source]

Belter pirate armed skiff.

Many various types of skiffs are in use by civilians across space. These vessels are always small, and usually with a single drive cone.

Due to their small size and likely more practical usage some of these skiffs are modified to be pirate vessels with installed torpedoes and/or PDCs.

Construction skiffs[edit | edit source]

UNN repair skiff.

Construction Skiffs are small skiffs used for making repairs to capital ships and stations. These vessels have claws attached to them for holding materials used for repairs.

Construction skiffs were used at Tycho Station for repairs on docked ships such as the Rocinante when it was heavily damaged fighting a Protogen frigate.

Repair skiffs were used in the United Nations Navy fleet and Outer Planets Alliance fleet during the Slow Zone Incident.

Civilian shuttles[edit | edit source]

RCE Heavy Lift Shuttle[edit | edit source]

A RCE Heavy lift shuttle.

The RCE Heavy Lift Shuttle is a large dropship class used by Royal Charter Energy for transporting colonists and heavy equipment from colony ships onto new worlds.

The colony ship Edward Israel had one of these when it travelled to Ilus IV. Upon reaching the planet and entering into atmosphere, the heavy lift shuttle travelled to a pre-built landing pad. Upon reaching this landing pad, a bomb was detonated on the surface, heavily damaging the heavy lift shuttle and causing it to crash, which killed many of its crew and passengers.

RCE light shuttle[edit | edit source]

A RCE Light shuttle.

The RCE light shuttle is a smaller shuttle also used by Royal Charter Energy.

The Edward Israel carried two of these during its trip to Ilus IV. Both however were destroyed by over the planet, with one by the planet's moon, and the other being converted into a bomb to attack the Rocinante and Barbapiccola.

Knight-type shuttle[edit | edit source]

A Knight-type shuttle.

Regulations dictate that Ice-haulers needed at least one shuttle capable of traveling in atmosphere. Equipped with a non-Epstein Fusion Drive, this shuttle type has limited range.

P&K Knight was a shuttle owned by the Pur'n'Kleen Water Company. The old shuttle was attached to the P&K Canterbury and later destroyed onboard the MCRN Donnager. This type of shuttle was in civilian service and considered a very old vessel.

Khonsu-class shuttle[edit | edit source]

A Khonsu-class shuttle.

The Khonsu-class shuttle was a secret design used by Protogen. The shuttlecraft was equipped with similar stealth features to the larger Amun-Ra frigate. This shuttle was able to serve as a forward scout for the frigate and was capable of traveling impressively long distances from its mothership to transfer personnel or supplies.

A shuttle of this class the Anubis-1A was used by Julie Mao to reach Eros station and left in dock at the station whilst she went into seclusion.

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