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The Slow Zone is the bubble of space discovered after transiting through the Ring, the structure created in Uranus orbit by the protomolecule construct after it left Venus. It is described as being starless. At the time of first discovery, no electromagnetic transmissions were detected traveling between the Slow Zone and the Sol system. In the Slow Zone, there appears to be a large structure referred to by The Investigator as the nucleus, otherwise known as the Ring Station.

The Rocinante was the first manned spacecraft to safely enter the Slow Zone without fatalities after The Investigator warned Captain James Holden, "come in too fast, the room eats you." Previously, the ill-fated Y Que attempted the same feat and the pilot, Belter Manéo Jung-Espinoza, was killed after the Slow Zone stopped his ship but his body continued forward.

At the time of discovery of the Slow Zone, it was determined the speed limit was 18,000 km/h. Following the detonation of a grenade during the Slow Zone Incident, the speed limit was later reduced to 28.997m/s, causing all vessels in the area to undergo massive deceleration.

Media Edit

  • The UN, MCR and OPA ships captured in the Slow Zone.