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The Sol gate, also known as Sol ring or just the Ring, is a ring-shaped megastructure with a diameter of 1000 km, stationary positioned little less than 2 AU outside the orbit of Uranus[1]. It was created by the protomolecule out of the remnants of Eros once it left Venus after an incubation period within the crater there.


It is a wormhole gate that is part of an ancient network built by an alien civilization billions of years ago. It connects the Sol system to this network and to 1,372 other systems[2] of the galaxy, many of them with habitable planets, bringing humanity the ability to interstellar travel and colonization.


The Sol gate was activated when Manéo Jung-Espinoza Books • TV, a young slingshotter from Ceres, attempted to pass through it with his ship, the Y Que, in order to impress his crush, Evita Jung Books • TV, and the whole slingshot-scene.[3][4]

The second ship to pass through it and the first to do so with the crew surviving the journey was the Rocinante Books • TV



Season Three
1 "Fight or Flight"
2 "IFF"
3 "Assured Destruction"
4 "Reload"
5 "Triple Point"
6 "Immolation"
7 "Delta-V"Appears
8 "It Reaches Out"Appears
9 "Intransigence"Appears
10 "Dandelion Sky"Appears
11 "Fallen World"Appears
12 "Congregation"Appears
13 "Abaddon's Gate"Appears
Season Four
1 "New Terra"Appears
2 "Jetsam"Appears
3 "Subduction"Absent
4 "Retrograde"Absent
5 "Oppressor"Absent
6 "Displacement"Appears
7 "A Shot in The Dark"Absent
8 "The One-Eyed Man"Absent
9 "Saeculum"Absent
10 "Cibola Burn"Appears
Season Five
1 "Exodus"Absent
2 "Churn"Absent
3 "Mother"Absent
4 "Gaugamela"Absent
5 "Down and Out"Absent
6 "Tribes"Mentioned
7 "Oyedeng"Absent
8 "Hard Vacuum"Absent
9 "Winnipesaukee"Absent
10 "Nemesis Games"Appears



There's a notable difference in the manner in which the Sol Gate and all other Ring Gates are depicted in the TV Series and books. The TV Series depicts a blue radiation that covers the sunward facing side of the Gate's interior, this radiation is reminiscent of the Ring Space to which the Sol Gate leads and is almost liquid like in it's movement when interacting with matter. The books do not describe the Gates as covered with radiation but instead describe them as rings through which only darkness can be seen (and not the stars behind the gate) as the Ring Space it leads to is devoid of stars. When crossing a Gates' threshold and entering the Ring Space in the books, there is no noticeable change for a ship or her crew, as if entering the Gate is as trivial as turning in right, left or continuing on a straight line.

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