The Sol system, also just Sol, is a gravitationally-bound system comprised of eight primary planets, numerous dwarf planets, and various other natural satellites orbiting a G-type main-sequence star commonly referred to as the Sun.

It is the birthplace of humanity, with all terrestrial life originating on the third planet, Earth. Humanity has since spread throughout the Sol system, colonizing planets, their major satellites, and even asteroids wherever possible. After the reactivation of the Rings, humanity was finally able to escape the confines of its home system.

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  • Centaurs
    • Chariklo
    • Pholus
    • Bienor
    • Chiron
      (minor planet & comet)

Trans-Neptunian objects (ordered by size)
  • Pluto (dwarf planet)
    • Charon
    • Nix
    • Hydra
    • Kerberos
    • Styx
  • Eris (dwarf planet)
    • Dysnomia
  • Haumea (dwarf planet)
    • Hi'aka
    • Namaka
  • Makemake (dwarf planet)
    • S/2015 (also: MK 2)
  • Gonggong (dwarf planet)
    • Xiangliu
  • Quaoar (dwarf planet)
    • Weywot
  • Sedna (dwarf planet)
  • 2002 MS4
  • Orcus (dwarf planet)
    • Vanth
  • Salacia (dwarf planet)
    • Actaea
  • Varuna (dwarf planet)
  • Arrokoth (also: Ultima Thule)


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