Star Helix Security is a private security firm based on Earth. It is partially owned by Jules-Pierre Mao.


On Earth, it is said to operate in Baltimore, North American Trade Zone.

In certain bodies in the Belt and other areas of space, Star Helix is responsible for policing services in lieu of official United Nations law enforcement. Additional private security forces, such as CPM Security Corporation also take part in this policing.

Star Helix's biggest operation is based on Ceres Station, where the force and military garrison is located on the third level of the asteroid’s skin. Another area where Star Helix operates in on Ganymede, where it is seen providing security services in the aftermath of the Ganymede incident Books • TV.

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Eros IncidentEdit

When Earth withdrew from Ceres, Star Helix was now responsible of keeping the peace while the local government transferred its power to the OPA.

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  • The main Star Helix garrison on Ceres.
  • Uniform worn by Star Helix officers on Ceres.
  • Uniform worn by Star Helix officers on Ganymede.

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