Ted Atherton is a Canadian actor. He portrays Doctor Lawrence Strickland, the pediatrician of Mei Meng and Katoa Merton, in the The Expanse.

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Actor: Ted Atherton • Season 2
Season 2 — Episode"Pyre"Lawrence Strickland
Season 2 — Episode"The Weeping Somnambulist"Lawrence Strickland
Season 2 — Episode"Cascade"Lawrence Strickland
Season 2 — Episode"Here There Be Dragons"Lawrence Strickland
Season 2 — Episode"Caliban's War"Lawrence Strickland

Actor: Ted Atherton • Season 3
Season 3 — Episode"IFF"Lawrence Strickland
Season 3 — Episode"Assured Destruction"Lawrence Strickland
Season 3 — Episode"Reload"Lawrence Strickland
Season 3 — Episode"Triple Point"Lawrence Strickland
Season 3 — Episode"Immolation"Lawrence Strickland

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  • Ted Atherton as Dr. Strickland
  • Ted Atherton as Dr. Strickland


2018Far Cry 5 (video game)(voice)
2017 Killjoys Gander7 episodes
2012-2013Fugget About ItStrait McCool/Juan Carlos (voice)26 episodes
2007-2012Degrassi: The Next GenerationRandall Edwards10 episodes
2011XIII: The SeriesWally Sheridan13 episodes
2008-2010The BorderClifford Holland16 episodes
2002-2005Sue Thomas: F.B.EyeMyles Leland Ⅲ56 episodes
2004Ace LightningKilobyte11 episodes
1998Nothing Too Good For a CowboyPanhandle Phillips


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