The Gathering Storm's ambush of the Heart of the Tempest was an engagement during the Underground-Laconia Conflict that took place at Callisto orbit.


After obtaining the antimatter in Storm raid near Jupiter, the team decided to create a missile out of it, get close to the vulnerable spot of the Heart of the Tempest and destroy the ship.

The plan was to send White Crow with Bobbie and Rini on it delivering the torpedo, while Alex Kamal and Jillian Houston on the Storm keeping the Tempest on the specific trajectory.

The old, but cold engine on the White Crow made it possible for its crew to fly undetectable. So while the Storm and Tempest were spending their ammunition on each other. The antimatter bomb was slowly but surely heading towards its target - the blind spot of the Tempest.

Sometime after White Crow started its engine, a random portion of PDC rounds had sheared off a section of the exterior plating, immediately killing Rini as the result. The torpedo itself wasn't damaged, however, the hit had shifted the center of mass. The thrusters were firing to keep the ship from curving off, but wouldn't do it for long. Bobbie had to leave the ship and do it for herself.

She contacted with the Storm and asked Alex to do anything which would make the Tempest stop. And after a few minutes, the Tempest's plume was gone. Bobbie rotated the ship and eased back on the maneuvering thrusters, then she took the torpedo and fired up the thrusters on her Laconian armor and burned toward the Tempest.

She eyeballed her path, adjusted, had the suit double-check her then took a solid hold on the warhead, one hand on either side, and then carefully let go. Even a tiny variance, amplified over the quickly falling distance, would be a disaster. She tapped her suit thrusters, when she was four or five meters away, she started a braking burn, and the warhead seemed to leap away.

It was too late for her. It was that moment that she knew, there is no coming back. She locked her targeting system onto the Laconian battleship, shifted her suit to live fire, and started her burn.

Moments later, the unkillable dreadnought of Laconia disappeared from the sensors.


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