"The Butcher of Anderson Station" is a short story in The Expanse series. It was published in 2011.

The story is a prequel that takes place prior to Leviathan Wakes. It is about Colonel Fred Johnson and explains the events on Anderson Station and how he subsequently defected to the OPA.


One day, Colonel Fred Johnson will be hailed as a hero to the system. One day, he will meet a desperate man in possession of a stolen spaceship and a deadly secret and extend a hand of friendship. But long before he became the leader of the Outer Planets Alliance, Fred Johnson had a very different name. The Butcher of Anderson Station.

This is his story.

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The Butcher of Anderson Station (first edition)

First edition

There are two different ebook editions of this book. The original was released in 2011; in 2014, a new edition was released, with a redesigned cover to match the rest of the series more closely.