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"The Churn" is a novella in The Expanse series. It was released as an ebook on April 29, 2014.[1]


Before his trip to the stars, and before the Rocinante, Amos Burton was confined to Baltimore, where crime paid you or killed you, unless the authorities got to you first.

The story for The Churn is entirely Earth based and provides a description of what the average life in a crowded, metropolitan city is like in the world of the Expanse. The city of Baltimore has given way to a multitude of crime bosses, and organized black markets. There are multiple bosses who each keep a "family" of personal guards that operate the smuggling of goods, illegal memory implants, weapons smuggling, cybernetic implants, and other illegal goods and services. The story takes place over the course of about two days.

The main characters in The Churn are all members (of varying degrees) of the crime world.


The working title for this novella was "Beloved of Broken Things"[2][3].


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