The Expanse Origins: Naomi Nagata is the second part of the The Expanse Origins digital comic miniseries which serves as a prequel to The Expanse television series. It is set eight years before the start of the first season.

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Based on the bestselling books and tying into the hit television series, THE EXPANSE ORIGINS reveals the untold origins of the crew members of the Rocinante. As interplanetary tensions reach an all-time high, the crew of the Rocinante finds themselves at the center of a conflict that threatens to destroy all of human civilization. But before they were heroes, each member of the crew faced moments that would come to define them and brought them one step closer to the ship they now call home. Featuring a story by author James S.A. Corey that explores the past of each character and what set them off on the winding roads that led to the Rocinante, this series is a must read for fans of the books and show alike.

When Naomi Nagata first arrived on board the Cant, she was struggling to live with her past and find a home in a ship as run down as her. That all started to change when she hired Amos Burton.

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  • McDowell
  • Shed
  • Amos Burton
  • Filip (mentioned)
  • Fen
  • Jaden (mentioned)
  • Byers(mentioned)

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