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The Last Flight of the Cassandra is a short story in The Expanse series.

It was first published in May 2019 inside The Expanse Roleplaying Game rulebook. It is set during the first half of Leviathan Wakes, after the destruction of the Canterbury.[1]


Following the destruction of the Canterbury, Darius and his crew of Sundivers on the Cassandra realize the cost of prospecting will outweigh their ability to keep up with demands of shipboard life and have to make a tough decision about their future. While prospecting in the Aten Asteroids, the crew come across a mystery on Xi-Mallow 434 that forces a tough decision.

Viewpoint Characters[]

  • Darius - Captain of the Cassandra


  • Amy - crew member on the Cassandra
  • Lester - crew member on the Cassandra
  • Abril - crew member on the Cassandra

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