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"The One-Eyed Man" is the eighth episode of the fourth season of The Expanse. Overall, it is the forty-fourth episode. It dropped on December 13, 2019 as part of Amazon Prime streaming's full-season release strategy with season 4.


Avasarala faces fallout for the UN's military mission. Ashford and Drummer makes big decisions about their future within the OPA. A spreading illness on Ilus takes a toll on Amos. Kamal and Naomi's attempt to rescue the Barbapiccola turns desperate.


Chrisjen prepares for an important day[]

Avasarala lies in bed, awake while Arjun is sleeping. She goes through her morning routine, chooses a dress, and puts on her jewelry in front of a mirror.

In her office at the UN Headquarters, she watches news feeds of the last moments of the desperate Belters aboard the Pizzouza, who are terrified of the heavily armed UN Marines storming their ship. The raid has given footing for Fred Johnson and Nancy Gao to both publicly condemn Avasarala's actions for endangering the alliance with the OPA. To make matters worse, General McCourt comes in and hands her his resignation, stating that he cannot keep following a leader who so recklessly put the lives of UN soldiers on the line and got countless civilians killed so she could boost her poll numbers. He leaves Avasarala alone in her office.[1]

Impossible positions[]

Fred Johnson enters Medina Station, arriving at the command deck, where Ashford welcomes him warmly. Before the two of them can embrace, Drummer pushes Ashford out of the way and punches Fred in the face, admonishing him for giving Earth Marco Inaros's location and getting innocent Belters killed. Fred reveals that it was Marco who caused the ship to explode, not Earth, and points out that if Drummer had gone in to arrest him, she would have died. Ashford and Drummer confront Fred about how the way things played out, including Fred's statement blaming the UN, has turned Inaros into a hero in the eyes of the Belt and will get hundreds of Belters to convert to his cause. Fred confronts Drummer about how she allowed Inaros to live when they had him captured, but Ashford stands up for her. They keep arguing, until Ashford calms them down, and Fred tells them that, in exchange for the information on Inaros, he got the UN to take their battleship out of the ring space. Drummer is mad at Fred for playing Earth's game and quits, much to Fred and Ashford's surprise.[2]

The one-eyed man is king[]

The water is slowly receding from the protomolecule ruins on Ilus, where Holden is piling up the dead bodies of those killed by the strange slugs that inhabit it. Naomi calls him and comforts him, and informs him that their plan to hitch the Barbapiccola to the Rocinante is, so far, going smoothly. He is glad to hear that one thing is going right, and is visibly exhausted. Naomi tells him she will let him know when something new comes up.

Carol Chiwewe, who can barely see as a result of the infection, calls to Holden when she sees his lights. Everyone but Holden is now blind and huddled together under protective covers that prevent the slugs from landing on them. He informs the Belters that their friend has died, and they begin to cry mournfully. He asks them to call him if they hear anyone wandering off. One of the blind Belters screams as he thinks a slug has fallen on him, and Holden has to sedate him in order to calm him down.

Holden approaches Amos, who is blindly burning the slugs with a flamethrower. Holden tries to tell him that he's killed all the slugs, but Amos doesn't listen and asserts that he's sending the rest of the slugs a message to stay away. He is behaving in a strange manner, rejecting Holden's help and refusing to hand over the flamethrower, so Holden leaves him alone.

He walks over to Dr. Okoye's tent, and is dismayed to find she is also blind and unable to read the analysis she ran on the slug. He reads it out loud to her, and she concludes that the slugs came from the ocean, they are poisonous, and their secretions, when in contact with human skin, cause paralysis and respiratory failure which results in death. She calculates that, under the current circumstances, it would take her longer than a week to create a vaccine against the slug poison, and when Holden asks her about it, she tells him she didn't find anything irregular in his blood and is unable to think of a way to cure the green blindness.

Holden is next called over by Murtry, who wants to get himself and his officers off the planet but needs Holden's help as none of them can see. Holden refuses to leave the Belters behind and insists that, when they leave this place, they will all leave together. Murtry replies that "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king".[3]

New job[]

Bobbie wakes up in an expensive hotel room with a beautiful view over Mars. She sees Thomas getting dressed in a hurry, and she has to press him until he reveals he has an interview for a job on Europa. He says he didn't tell her cause he didn't want to ruin their fun, but she reassures him that he's not ruining anything. They kiss and make plans for the night but, after he leaves, her smile fades.

She later meets with Esai, Leelee and Beltran to discuss their next score, which involves a cargo load set for recycling. Esai informs them that they won't be stealing it themselves this time, but will get paid ten times the amount of money they got in their last job, simply for escorting the package from one point to the other. Bobbie is suspicious of the arrangement and asks if they know what is inside the package, but Esai tells her that, with the amount of money offered, they won't be asking any questions.[4]

Thank you for hating your parents[]

Naomi and Lucia are preparing the cable that they will use to pull the Barbapiccola, which they must ensure doesn't get taut too fast and snaps as a result. Lucia asks if, in case it snaps, they will have enough time to get everyone out of the ship in time, but Naomi doesn't have time to answer as they must begin their maneuver.

The Barbapiccola crew have used all their mining nets to make the cable, but it ends up being 200 meters shorter than it needed to be for absolute safety, though Felcia has run the math and is confident it will work. Her fellow crewman sarcastically thanks her for having an argument with her parents which caused her to be on the ship, something that most probably saved them all.[5]

Supplies dwindle[]

Dr. Okoye asks Holden how the Belters are holding up, while Murtry listens intently. He tells her they would be much worse without Okoye's medicine. When Holden finds only one medicine vial in her drawer, Murtry comes over and tries to get Holden to his side by telling him the Belters will turn on him for bringing them there. He is about to reply when Chiwewe calls him from the other room to tell him that someone walked away, and Holden is horrified to see that person appears to be Amos.

Holden finds Amos without his protective coat or his gloves, staring at a wall of slugs. When he tries to pull Amos away, Amos freaks out and attacks him, but being blind he is unable to hit Holden and falls to the floor. Holden slowly approaches and comforts Amos, and softly guides him back towards the camp. He sits Amos down and asks him to look his way, but Amos seems completely detached and unresponsive. Holden gets desperate and pleads with Amos that he can't lose him, to no response.[6]

Ashford finds Drummer[]

Drummer is looking over the massive inside of Medina Station, when she is approached by Ashford who has been looking for her through every bar in the station. She replies that she drinks when she is angry, not when she is sad. Ashford tries to reason that she mustn't let her sorrows drown her, and that he understands her anger at Fred for not letting them handle their own business, but adds that he's right about Medina Station being the center of the Belt's future and that they need the Inners to survive and have peace. Drummer ponders on the paintings of Mormon missionaries in the command deck, which she points out are a telling reflection of the Inner Planets' history of imperialism and violence. She says she believed in Fred's vision of a free and independent Belt, but now that they have reached that point, they are painting the same picture, playing with the lives of innocents in exchange for "peace". She says she hopes Marco Inaros is wrong about their future, but she fears he isn't. Ashford calls Marco "a nihilist in the guise of a patriot" and insists that, after all the bloodshed he has seen and caused, he knows the Belt's future must not be built on more violence. Drummer tells him that he sounds like a politician, but he says that he's just old and time has changed his views on life.

Drummer asks him if Fred offered him her job, and he confirms this but says he declined. He plans to hunt down Marco Inaros and kill him, which Drummer points out isn't a great start for a peaceful future, but Ashford asserts that Inaros is a threat to progress and lasting peace for the Belt, though admitting that he'd also enjoy seeing his "pretty face floating outside the airlock", which makes Drummer laugh and remark that old age hasn't changed everything. He tells her he will need a good XO for the mission, and that the job is hers if she is interested.[7]

Bobbie talks to Esai about the job[]

Bobbie visits Esai at his home, where she meets his wife Katlin and his children Charlie and Emily. She warns Esai that something's off with the job, as it's too easy with too many unknowns, and asks him why he's making a decision he knows is foolish. He reveals he wants to get off Mars and go to the new colonies, and with this job's pay he will be able to buy a place for his family on the colony ships. When Bobbie asks him what he means, he explains that Mars's dream of terraforming is obsolete now that there are new planets with free air, and that no one will want to stay and spend their life working on something they will never see the fruits of. Bobbie thinks Mars is just changing, but Esai remarks that it died the moment the gates opened. He shares that he worked hard and was a good Martian his entire life, despite not being one of the strongest or the brightest, because he wanted a good future for his children, and he plans to ensure they get one either way. Bobbie tells him he can't get his family off the planet if he's dead, but they are interrupted by Katlin, who tells Esai the children want him to read to them before bed. Esai tells Bobbie she is free to go if she wants out, as she doesn't owe him anything, and she leaves the house.[8]


Chandra uses a guiding rope to walk to Amos's location, and sits next to him. Holden told her what happened, and she came to comfort him, assuring him that it's ok to be scared, but he says he doesn't know what he feels. He shares childhood memories of living in a basement, waking up from his nightmares to complete blackness, and says that "that's when they came in". As a child he thought he was dead and powerless to do anything about it, and similarly now all they can do is sit in the darkness and wait until they die. Chandra says that people like them deserve a say in how they go out, and Amos agrees, saying that it's all he's ever wanted.

Dr. Okoye is startled when Holden angrily smashes a slug to death near her. She asks him what happened, and he tells her he is upset because of what happened with Amos. He's sure there has to be a reason why he alone can see and decides to take another blood sample in an attempt to fix the situation. Okoye says that it's not on him, but he insists that it is. She thinks for a moment, and realizes that it's possible his immunity stems from his eyes and not his blood. With her guidance, Holden takes fluid from his eye to analyze and reads the results to Okoye, who laughs, telling him that if they get out alive he needs to see a doctor as he has pre-cancerous cells that might need treatment. Holden tells her he knows that already as he got irradiated on Eros. Okoye puts a hand on his shoulder, which he thinks is a friendly gesture but it's actually her feeling for the medication port on his arm, and she realizes that his anti-cancer meds are what is killing the organisms. The two of them are extremely relieved, and Okoye jokes that it's been a while since she's seen Holden smile.[9]

Chrisjen speaks at the memorial[]

Arjun escorts Avasarala to a service held for the marines who died because of her decision. She begins to read her speech as instructed in the lectern but falters halfway, and goes off script to express her distaste for impersonal memorials. She tells the gathered crowd, which includes Nancy Gao and General McCourt, that she understands the pain felt by the loved ones of the fallen marines, as her son Charanpal was killed by the OPA, and she shares that, after his death, all she wanted to know was who was to blame so she could hate them. She tearfully takes that responsibility upon herself, stating that these deaths are her fault, that she has failed her constituents as a mother and as a leader, and that she is truly sorry. Gao and McCourt are both visibly moved by her openness and vulnerability, and when she sits back down, Arjun holds her hand.[10]

Bobbie feels the change[]

Bobbie runs into David, who is going to orientation as he got accepted into the terraforming program. He thanks her for everything she did for him, and tells her he wouldn't be where he is without her help. He tells Bobbie they should meet and talk another time and goes on, leaving Bobbie deep in thought.

She later meets Thomas in a hotel room, who is joyful and has brought waffles for dinner, but she is still pensive and asks him if he got the job. He tries to avoid answering, but eventually admits that he is leaving Mars next week. Bobbie lashes out and they have an argument, until he suddenly asks her to come with him to Europa so they can get a new start. He confesses that he knows Bobbie isn't doing simple consulting work with all the money she is making, but doesn't judge her, he just knows that she is not the kind of person who steals and lies. Bobbie tells him she doesn't need to be saved and screams that the dream of Mars is dying. Thomas goes silent for a moment, and she says that all they've ever fought for has been for nothing. Thomas disagrees and she mocks him for doing his job like a good Martian as if Mars will still be around when he returns, and he says he will, adding that he hopes Bobbie is going to still be around too, before leaving. Bobbie throws her coffee mug at the wall and starts crying.[11]


Ashford is preparing the Tynan to chase Marco, fitting it for a difficult fight. Drummer shows up with a bottle of liquor and he warmly welcomes her, but she lets him now she will not be joining the mission, saying that she's done working for big men with big dreams like Anderson Dawes and Fred Johnson and that she intends to stay out of politics. Ashford laughs and gives her the bottle back, asking her to hold on to it for him so they can share it when he returns. The two of them do a Belter handshake and say an emotional goodbye. Drummer takes a last look at her friend as he sits on the captain's chair, before departing the Tynan.[12]

The Roci prepares for a rescue mission[]

Naomi, Alex, Lucia and Felcia work together to hook the Barbapiccola to the Roci. The process is tense and suspenseful, but everyone celebrates when they successfully manage to pull the ship out of low orbit.[13]

Good news is contagious[]

Holden sits next to Amos and smiles, letting him know that Okoye figured out a treatment for the blindness. Amos is incredulous, and tells him he didn't think that Holden would be able to find a way out of it. Holden jokes that he can now say he took Amos in a fight, and Amos responds that he can say whatever he wants.

Holden climbs back to the opening and kicks the panel down to walk out into a beach at the foot of the ruin. Naomi calls him and they share their respective good news, rejoicing that things are going well for once. Holden points out that all they truly did was just buy themselves some more time, and Naomi replies that that's what they will keep on doing.[14]

Chrisjen plays the game her way[]

Avasarala and Arjun arrive at home, where she asks him to go, as she wants to be alone.

Meanwhile, a group of journalists stop Gao on her way out of the memorial. She declares her admiration for Avasarala's honesty and show of accountability in her speech, calling her an honorable woman. The journalists are confused and instead ask her if she has anything to say about the new images from Ilus, and if they change her stance on colonization of the new worlds.

Arjun is shocked to see classified images from the catastrophe unleashed by the ruins on Ilus, being broadcasted on television.

He confronts Avasarala in her office, who confirms she leaked the images from Ilus. He points out she just caused mass panic and hysteria just to discredit Gao, but Avasarala responds that it was necessary, as Ilus and its dangers should have been the only thing that mattered in this election. Arjun believes that she's not doing it to prevent danger but to serve her own pride. Avasarala retorts that she did what he wanted: The voters saw she was right about the new worlds, and they also saw her as a caring matriarch in the memorial service, and angrily tells him that he doesn't get to be upset at her for not playing by his rules. Arjun is disgusted to realize that all her words at the memorial were lies and that she used the death of her own son to advance politically. As he turns to go, appalled, she says that what she said about Charanpal wasn't a lie, but he does not turn to look at her before leaving.[15]

Elvi helps everyone in the ruins[]

Okoye prepares the anti-cancer medication, restoring eyesight to all the settlers and RCE staff. Murtry calls his officers on the Edward Israel and asks if they prepared the detonators on the Belters' shuttle, as he instructed.

Holden climbs back inside the ruins, where he is shocked to find The Investigator. He asks him where he has been and The Investigator tries to talk, but is mute and heavily glitching, rapidly changing appearance. Suddenly, Holden is forced to cover his ears as The Investigator begins to scream.[16]



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  • As with other episodes this season, there were misspellings in the chapter/scene titles as found through the X-Ray feature (2021-Feb).
    1. "Chrisjen" is misspelled two out of three times as "Crisjen" without an "h"
    2. "one-eyed" should be hyphenated but wasn't


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