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The UNN Thomas Prince is a Xerxes-class battleship. It's over half a kilometer long, and two hundred meters wide at its broadest point.[1]

History Edit

Background Edit

The battleship was used by the UNN to cross into The Ring. Its passengers are Earth citizens selected to witness the event, including preachers, pastors, philosophers, poets, and politicians. Reverend Annushka Volovodov and celebrity preacher Hank Cortez were among the passengers, as well as wealthy socialite Tilly Fagan, whose husband sponsored the "dog and pony show" cruise to the Ring.

Yeoman Jin Ichigawa provided Anna the tour when she initially boarded.

Chris Williams, a young Minnesotan officer, meets Anna in the galley and inspires her to establish Methodist services on board.[2] One of the attendees was a marine named Tara.[3]

After meeting officer Williams, Anna also encounters Melba/Clarissa for the first time.[4]

Slow Zone Incident Edit

Following the trauma resulting from sudden deceleration as the speed limit in the slow zone was critically reduced in response to a potential threat aboard the Ring Station, in what is known as the Slow Zone Incident...

Nikos is the individual taking charge in the engineering and environment controls and who takes authority over Melba following the disaster.


  • Thomas Prince was an American clergyman who played an influential role in the Christian revival movement known as the "The First Great Awakening" in the eighteenth century. He wrote a book on the history of New England which started on day 6 of Creation, which remained unfinished due to lack of public interest. He founded a periodical which covered the revival movements which took place throughout the United States and Europe at the time. Many other of his writings attempted to reconcile the scientific theories introduced at the time with scriptures.

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