This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Thorsson.

Commander Thorsen is an intelligence officer on the MCRN Scirocco.

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In "The Seventh Man", Thorsen questions Draper regarding Ganymede, taking focus drugs as part of that process. Her witness statement is spotty.

He tries again, this time she is reclined at a medical station where she administers a focus drug for herself. With the drugs, Thorsen must repeatedly remind Draper not to focus on her squad but instead on the UN Marines on the other side of the boundary line.

From a remote monitoring location, Captain Martens instructs Captain Thorsen to keep pressing until he confirms Draper actually witnessed the Human-Protomolecule hybrid, A.K.A. the Caliban.

Captain Thorsen awards Draper the medal then informs her that she will head to Earth as the sole survivor and so that she will bear testimony assigning responsibility for the Ganymede incident to Mars. Draper protests against that as a lie particularly as Thorsen starts a story about why Mars doesn't want war.

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  • The name for this character was altered on television for a yet undisclosed reason from the original version in the books.
    (See Characters Renamed for TV)