This page is about the Book-icon-simple books character. For the TV incarnation, see Thorsen.

Captain Thorsson was a Martian Congressional Republic Navy Intelligence Officer.

Appearance Edit

Thorsson was a very tall, thin man. His face was narrow and tight, the skull beneath it pressing to get out.


Ganymede Incident Edit

After the Ganymede Incident, Captain Thorsson, despite the protests of her doctor, Trisha Pichon, awoke Gunnery Sergeant Bobbie Draper to debrief her. He proceeded to ask her why she and her platoon fired on and destroyed the UNN outpost. Bobbie then told him about the monster present and how it attacked the UN soldiers and her platoon, killing all but herself. To back herself up, she said that there would be combat footage of it from her platoon and her own suit but Thorsson replied that the blast from the impacts of the battle destroyed her platoon and her own suit's video log was static. Bobbie told him that due to her armor being an older Mark III, it had different firmware. Thorsson then had her armor brought up and reexamined by Petty Officer Electrician's Mate Singh who then realized his error, but before he could bring up the footage Bobbie passed out again. Once she came to, Captain Thorsson, who had by now viewed her combat footage, apologized for not believing her and thanked her for her professionalism. Afterwards, he introduced Bobbie to Captain Martens, a grief counselor.

On their way to Earth on the Harman Dae-Jung, Thorsson called Bobbie to a meeting with two other civilians to more accurately create a timeline of the incident. It was during the meeting that it is discovered that the monster was actually the source of the jamming signal.

Once they arrived on Earth, Bobbie and Thorsson attended a meeting with the delegations from Earth and Mars. Three hours in and with only the agenda having been discussed, Bobbie lost her temper, asking why no one had spoken about the monster yet. Furious, Thorsson sent her into the hall. When Martens arrived, Thorsson blamed him for not being able to keep Bobbie under control and then told them they were both on the next ship back to Mars to answer to a disciplinary council. When Martens asked Bobbie how she felt, she went for a walk. Later, Thorsson called Bobbie in for a meeting. When she arrived, he told her that he overreacted but subsequently realized the extent of her trauma, though still not believing her story. He went on to tell her that she would be staying with him on Earth to repair the damage she caused at the meeting between the Earth and Martian delegates. She then refused and left his office.

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