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This page documents the succession of chronological events that have taken place within The Expanse universe (including the The Expanse TV series).

Save for only one, no certain chronological parameter has ever been affirmed within the series. The only known certain date is 2307, the commencement production date of Ganymede Gin, a liquor brand.

However, after multiple implications, it is of most likelihood that The Expanse commences in 2350, mostly evidenced by the previous name of the series, 2350. However, to best reduce the degree of speculation within the timeline, this page will use two different indicators relative to one of the most prominent events, the discovery of the protomolecule. Therefore, any event prior will be indicated by BXT (before extrasolar technology), while those standing further on the chronological line of events will be denoted by XTE (extrasolar technology era).

Additionally, the The Expanse Roleplaying Game comes with a map of the Solar System, marking the date as 2351 - this corresponds with the RPG's intended setting as shortly after Leviathan Wakes and prior to Caliban's War.

Although still not one-hundred-percent confirmed, the year 2350 corresponds to 8 XTE.[Citation needed]

Timeline of books, series & comics[]

Interplanetary era[]

Ring Builder era[]

> 2,000,000,000 BXT[]

Time period approximated based on extrapolation...
  • The Ring Builders evolve on their homeworld, likely somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy.
  • The Ring Builders achieve spaceflight.

circa 2,000,000,000 BXT[]

  • The Ring Builders uncover wormhole physics. Subsequently, they commence building a massive interstellar network spanning across many star systems in the Milky Way.
  • The Ring Builders' empire becomes the dominant power in their small corner of the galaxy. The species thrives.
  • Around this time, the Ring Builders place the protomolecule in Phoebe, and send Phoebe on a trajectory towards the prehistorical, primitive Earth.
  • Phoebe is caught by Saturn's gravity, sparing Earth's primitive life from the protomolecule.

Pre-spacefaring era[]

circa 200,000 BXT[]

  • The modern human evolves on Earth.
  • Humanity migrates beyond Africa.

9,000 BXT[]

  • The very first human settlements are built.

500 - 350 BXT[]

  • The two global conflicts are ignited between human alliances. About one hundred million people are killed.
  • The United Nations is formed, but has extremely limited powers that have very little effect on most nations states.
  • The United States and the Soviet Union emerge as the two superpowers. The Cold War begins.
  • The Soviet Union starts the era of human spaceflight, soon followed by the United States.
  • The United States lands the first human on the moon (Luna), humanity's first steps on another planetary body.
  • Eventually, the USSR dissolves, leaving the United States as the sole superpower for decades to come.

Extraterrestrial colonization era[]

circa 290 BXT[]

  • First permanent settlement on Mars Mars.

300 - 200 BXT[]

  • The damage done to Earth's ecosystem reaches critical levels.
  • The various nations on Earth focus their economies on the advancement of space travel.
  • Eventually, the United Nations becomes the unified government of humanity.

200 - 130 BXT[]

  • Mars pleads for independence from the United Nations. The UN refuses.
  • Tensions grow between the UN and its colony.

129 BXT[]

128 BXT[]

127 - 50 BXT[]

  • The United Nations and the MCR, both using the Epstein drive, colonize the remaining outer part of the Sol system.
  • Ganymede becomes the breadbasket of the outer planets.
  • Significant anatomical differences develop between Inners and Belters, due to growth in low gravity. Such differences also exist between Earthers and Martians, but are not as obvious.

c. 90 BXT[]

70 BXT[]

Peace era[]

30 BXT[]

  • The OPA (Outer Planets Alliance) is founded.

12 BXT[]

4 BXT[]

3 BXT[]

  • Chrisjen Avasarala becomes the Deputy Undersecretary of Executive Administration of the UN.

1 XTE[]

  • The MCR surveys Phoebe and discovers the protomolecule.
  • The Martian government approaches Protogen as a co-sponsor of a long-term facility to investigate the protomolecule.

2 XTE[]

  • Santichai and Melissa Supitayaporn move to Ganymede.[3]

3 XTE[]

Tensioned era[]

8 XTE[]

  • Julie Mao boards the Scopuli. Eventually, she ends up on Eros, where she dies of protomolecule exposure.
  • The Canterbury is destroyed by Protogen forces, but some escape on the Knight shuttle.
  • The Donnager is destroyed by Protogen forces, but some escape on the Tachi (frigate housed in the Donnager).
  • The Tachi is renamed the Rocinante by her new crew and docks at Tycho Station for repairs and a new transponder to make the transition complete.

9 XTE[]

  • Julie Mao's body is found by Miller, Holden, and his crew.
  • Eros incident: The protomolecule is let loose on Eros station, killing all of its inhabitants. Only Miller and Holden manage to escape and return to the Rocinante.


Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants

XTE–α(Ⅰ) Phoebe experiment Protomolecule Testing Protogen & Martian Scientists Scopuli/Anubis encounter Canterbury receives Scopuli's distress call Knight Responds Canterbury/Anubis encounter Knight (Holden) sends request for orders to Pur 'n' Kleen Pur 'n' Kleen lawyer, Wallace Fitz, directs Knight to meet Donnager and cooperate with their investigation Donnager attacked by unknown stealth ship(s) Tachi escapes Donnager as Captain Yao scuttles the Martian dreadnought Tachi contacts Tycho Station/Johnson Tachi becomes Rocinante Rocinante arrives at Tycho Station Julie Mao escapes Anubis After eight days of entrapment/confinement, she breaks out. Discovers the contamination in abandoned stealth vessel, stows the Anubis at BA-834024112 and makes way to Eros aboard Anubis 1A.
Miller arrives on Eros
Rocinante crew arrive on Eros
Blue Falcon Miller meets Rocinante crew at Blue Falcon and together they defeat armed assailants
Miller and the Rocinante crew find Julie Mao
Dock explosion is staged
Eros experiment inhabitants are herded into shelters, intentionally contaminated with the extrasolar biotechnology and heavily irradiated. Protogen & Antony Dresden, CPM Mercs hired from Ceres gangsters


Thoth Station
Eros is rigged with explosives
Nauvoo made into battering ram Nauvoo targeted at Eros
Eros evades Nauvoo
Earth launches nuclear arsenal at Eros
Eros collides with Venus


Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants
~ Child abductions Caliban Protomolecule Human hybrid Testing Mao-Kwikowski & Former Protogen Scientists including Strickland + Umea
~ Protomolecule Hybrid released Ganymede conflict Conflict erupts outside Ganymede station. Lieutenant Givens orders Bobbie's squad back to outpost 4. Radio jammed. The entire outpost is wiped out including the giant mech with canon piloted by Sa'id, Yojimbo. Bobbie's recovery Bobbie reminds Petty Officer Singh that her Goliath MkⅢ uses an older video encoding hence is able to retrieve the footage of battle. Bobbie hopes they didn't destroy her suit while extracting her. Armistice summit Bobbie is irritated by avoidance of discussion regarding what is described sterility in writing as the "Anomaly" she walks out. Both Martens and Thorsson are at the summit with Bobbie. Martens is a good guy. UN (Earth) & MCR (Mars) Dasihari Lounge Avasarala offers Bobbie a job. UN (Earth) & MCR (Mars) Guanshiyin confrontation


~ Razorback
UN fleet loyal to Admiral Nguyen battles near Io with UN Jupiter fleet under command of Admiral Souther along with Rocinante and MCRN contingent
MCRN Sally Ride resupplies Rocinante.
UN Agatha King and Nguyễn's last stand Protomolecule Hybrids launched at Mars from Io Razorback and Holden


Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants
~ "Squid" launches from Venus
~ Ring Opens
Mateo Espinoza-Jung attempts slingshot through rings aboard Y Que.
Flotilla UN sends Thomas King, Seung Un, and Cerisier
Seung Un bombed
Rocinante broadcasts OPA demands
Behemoth (repurposed Nauvoo) fires on Rocinante
Rocinante hides behind Martian ship then escapes into rings
Flotilla pursues
Holden follows the Investigator to the Ring Station and is pursued by Martian Marines
Slow zone speed limit drops Martian Marines attempt to apprehend Holden but trigger Ring Station defenses




Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants
~ Edward Israel takes orbit over Ilus
~ Edward Israel shuttle crashes




Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants
~ Martian dockyards attacked on Callisto
~ Earth bombarded




Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants
47XTE ~ Freehold colonized
47XTE ~ Freehold ship enters slow zone unauthorised Transport Union, The Assembly of Sovereign Citizens
47XTE ~ Rocinante sent to inform Freehold of being cut off from slow zone for 3 years Transport Union, The Assembly of Sovereign Citizens
47XTE ~ Laconia captures slow zone Transport Union, Laconian Empire
47XTE ~ Tempest Jovian Battle EMC, Transport Union, Laconian Empire
47XTE ~ Pella destruction and Sol system time-loss Transport Union, Laconian Empire
47XTE ~ Battle of Point Leuctra EMC, Transport Union, Laconian Empire
47XTE ~ Medina Station insurrection Underground, Laconian Empire
47XTE ~ underground ships escape slow zone Underground, Laconian Empire
47XTE ~ Gathering Storm stolen by underground Underground, Laconian Empire


Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants
51XTE ~ Gathering Storm raids Laconian transport. Steals antimatter Underground, Laconian Empire
51XTE ~ slow zone devastation event Laconian Empire, Unknown Aggressors
51XTE ~ Heart of the Tempest destroyed by underground Underground, Laconian Empire
51XTE ~ Captain Bobbie Draper killed Underground, Laconian Empire
51XTE ~ Siege of Laconia comences Underground, Laconian Empire
51XTE ~ Laconia Station destroyed by underground fleet Underground, Laconian Empire

Tv iconXTE-Alpha😷

Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants

XTE–α(Ⅰ) Phoebe experiment Protomolecule Testing Protogen & Martian Scientists Scopuli/Anubis encounter Canterbury receives Scopuli's distress call Knight Responds Canterbury/Anubis encounter Knight sends distress call Donnager responds to Knight's "mayday" Donnager attacked by unknown stealth ship(s) Tachi escapes Donnager Tachi contacts Tycho/Johnson Tachi becomes Rocinante Rocinante arrives at Tycho Julie Mao escapes Anubis After eight days of entrapment/confinement, she breaks out. Discovers the contamination, stows the Anubis at BA-834024112 and makes way to Eros aboard Anubis 1A.
Miller arrives on Eros
Rocinante crew arrive on Eros
Blue Falcon Miller meets Rocinante crew at Blue Falcon and together they defeat armed assailants
Miller and the Rocinante crew find Julie Mao
Dock explosion is staged
Eros experiment inhabitants are herded into shelters, intentionally contaminated with the extrasolar biotechnology and heavily irradiated. Protogen & Antony Dresden, CPM Mercs hired from Ceres gangsters


Thoth Station
Eros is rigged with explosives
Nauvoo made into battering ram Nauvoo targeted at Eros
Eros evades Nauvoo
Earth launches nuclear arsenal at Eros
Eros collides with Venus

Tv iconXTE-Beta👾

Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants
~ child abductions Caliban Protomolecule Human hybrid Testing Mao-Kwikowski & Former Protogen Scientists including Strickland + Umea
~ Protomolecule Hybrid released Ganymede conflict Conflict erupts outside Ganymede station Armistice summit UN (Earth) & MCR (Mars) Guanshiyin confrontation



Tv iconXTE-Gamma😲

Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants



Tv iconXTE-Delta😬

Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants



Tv iconXTE-Epsilon🔧

Era Date Event
(imprecise)[4] (precise)[5] Name/ID Short Description Principal Stakeholders/Participants




Timeline notation Approximately corresponds to
XTE–α Leviathan Wakes
XTE–β Caliban's War
XTE–γ Abaddon's Gate
XTE–δ Cibola Burn
XTE–ε Nemesis Games
XTE–ζ Babylon's Ashes
XTE–η Persepolis Rising
XTE–θ Tiamat's Wrath
XTE–ι Leviathan Falls
XTE–(Ⅰ) The Expanse Season 1
XTE–(Ⅱ) The Expanse Season 2
XTE–(Ⅲ) The Expanse Season 3
XTE–(Ⅳ) The Expanse Season 4
XTE–(Ⅴ) The Expanse Season 5
XTE–(Ⅵ) The Expanse Season 6
  • Where these roughly correspond to the relative timeline for comparison and contrast purposes between book and television incarnations even when events themselves might not correspond identically in both timelines.

Timeline based on known dates[]

This timeline is based on standard year numbering. Sources for this information used for the dates is on the right side, and is attempted to fit all events within established dates of later events.

Timeline (TV)[]

Date Event Source
2,000,000,000 years ago Protomolcule launched towards Sol system
200,000 years ago Humanity appears
2025 Luna first permanent colony Design guide[7]
2050 First permanent colony on Mars Design guide
2100 Eros, a Mars crossing asteroid used as base for exploration Design guide
2150 Mars shows signs of rejecting Earth rule Design guide
2200-2213 (aprox) Mars demands independance
2214 Soloman Epstein invents Epstein Drive S02, E06. (Design guide states 2200 however, date given onscreen was 137years before season 2.)
2214 Mars exhanges Epstein Drive to Earth for its independance
2214 Martian Congressional Republic formed
2200s Numerous asteroid bases settled including Ceres. Water from ice on Ceres taken to Mars to be used on terraforming project Design guide (actually states 2200, but this conflicts with dates given in show as these evens only occur after invention of Epstein drive
2229 Asteroid Mausoleum colonised by Cassiopeia Collective. The Expanse: A Telltale Series, episode 3.
2239 Last known life in Mausoleum colony when all sections of colony put into vacum after bacteria-based disease kills population The Expanse: A Telltale Series, episode 3
2250 Driven by "Gold Rush" mentality, humanity has spread across the Belt into hundreds of settlements, stations, and ships. Design guide
2250 Ceres now the Port city of the Belt, most of the wealth through its docks. Design guide
2250 Eros who's orbit moves out of the Belt for much of the orbital year, grows less useful with the new drive and begins to stagnate. Design guide
2250 The massive refineries on Pallas begin smelting the ore the rock hoppers find by searching the vast fields of teh Belt. Design guide
2250 All the major moons of Jupiter and Saturn have fully functioning settlements on them. Last of the ice is mined away from Ceres and new sources sought. Design guide
2300 Canterbury no longer needed as a colony ship, is repurposed as an ice hauling vessel, and begins scooping ice out of Saturn's rings for distribution to the Belt, and to Mars insatiable appetite for terraforming materials. Design guide
2325-2345 During this period Alex Kamal serves 20 years in MCRN. Pilot on supply ship
2230 Timmy becomes Amos Burton, leaves Earth
2333-5 (aprox) Filip Inaros born
2333-5 (aprox) Augustin Gamarra destroyed by Marco Inaros using Naomi's code.
2333-5 (aprox) Naomi leaves Pallas after failing to find Filip S05E07
2335 James Holden enlists in United Nations Navy. Rises to rank of Lieutenant
2339 Anderson Station Massacre (TV) S01E05
2339-2340 Fred Johnson resigns from United Nations Marine Corps. Travels to Belt.
2342 James Holden assaults superior officer; Dishonorably discharged. S01E03, The Expanse Origins James Holden
2342 A strange alien substance is found on Phoebe. The Protogen scientists murder the Martian scientists to cover discovery. Protogen begins to experiment with the devastating power of the 'Protomolecule'. Takes samples onboard Anubis. Flash burns Phoebe to hide evidence. Design guide
2345 Mars in conjunction with Protogen corporation, establishes a small base on Phoebe to study early solar system formation and Oort cloud subjects Design guide
2345 James Holden joins Canterbury Crew S01E01
2345 Europa Uprising. An uprising on Europa ends in several ships being stolen, including a United Nations Navy frigate. The Expanse: A Telltale Series, episode 1.
Mid 2345 Chrisjen Avasarala gave speech at opening of High Yield Grain Farm in the Mediterranean AG zone S06E01
2347 A scientist on Phoebe Station steals the MK core and is smuggled out to Mausoleum where she was later killed after UNN Urshanabi never arrived to pick her up.
2347 UNN MCRN proxy battle. A UNN and a MCRN fleet both intercepted a Belter ship believed to be containing the stolen MK core and engaged one another. The battle was kept from general knowledge of the public. The Expanse: A Telltale Series, episode 2
2347 Ambush of the Urshanabi. The stolen UNN frigate; now pirateship Europa's Bane ambushed the battleship Urshanabi destroying it, and boarding the wreckage, executing survivors The Expanse: A Telltale Series, episode 1
2347 Camina Drummer joins Artemis crew. The Expanse: A Telltale Series[8]
2350 Start of events that covered a seven week period of time E01E09
2350 The Scopuli a OPA freighter attempts to board the Anubis. Upon approaching they discover Anubis is actually a gunship. They are boarded and taken prisoner. S01E01, S01E09
2350 Protogen places MCRN branded distress signal device onboard Scopuli to lure in Canterbury S01E01, S01E09
2350 Canterbury investigates distress signal, launches Knight shuttle which boards Scopuli and finds distress signal device. Anubus appears and destroys Canterbury with torpedoes. S01E01
2350 Anubis crew lock Julie Mao in locker. Experimented on rest of captured Scopuli crew with Protomolecule. S01E09
2350 Protomolecule gets out of control, infects entire crew of Anubis, grows around reactor. S01E01, S01E09
2350 Julie Mao escapes locker, finds ship abandoned, cuts into reactor to discover Protomolecule covering reactor devouring the crew. She powers down the ship killing the Protomolecule's energy source, hides the ship at an asteroid and escapes towards Eros on the shuttle Anubis 1A S01E09
2350 James Holden publicly accuses the MCRN of destroying the Canterbury after finding MCRN markings on distress signal device S01E02
2350 Knight shuttle rescued by MCRN Donnager. Crew held in cells and interogated before being moved into cabin together. S01E03, S01E04
2350 Attack on the Donnager. Shed killed by railgun round, Knight survivors and Lieutenant Lopez escape onboard docked MCRN Tachi. Lopez dies in High-G burn. S01E04, S01E05
2350 Fred Johnson uses tightbeam from Nauvoo to contact Tachi. Offers help at Tycho Station. Tachi renamed Rocinante and travels to Tycho.
2350 Rocinante reaches Tycho Station. Refitted and disguised as a Gas Hauler. Travels to asteroid containing OPA distress signal S01E06
2350 Rocinante nearly boarded by MCRN Patrol destroyer. Uses MCRN codes to pretend to be MCRN spec ops ship S01E07
2350 Rocinante arrives at asteroid. Discovers Anubis hidden. Boards the stealth ship taking onboard safe (which contains active Protomolecule sample. Protomolecule discovered on reactor. Crew flee ship and destroy it with a torpedo. S01E08
2350 Detective Josephus Miller fired from Star Helix Ceres after discovering Julie Mao was onboard the Scopuli which was on an intercept course with Anubis. Leaves Ceres for Eros after being told Anubis 1A was docked there. S01E07, S01E08
2350 Julie Mao has become infected with Protomolecule from Anubis succumbs it it and dies in hotel bathroom. S01E09
2350 Rocinante docks in Eros searching for OPA contact who gave distress signal. S01E08
2350 Rocinante crew travel to Blue Falcon Hotel in search of Julie. They are attacked by United Nations agents and gunfight ensues. Miller appears and helps win the shootout. Together they travel to the room Julie was in, and find her corpse covered in domint Ring Builders S01E08, S01E09
2350 Protogen find Julies body after Roci crew left, successfully extract Protomolecule sample. Experiment on Eros begins. Explosion on docks activates security evacuation to shelters, Belters entering shelters are deliberately infected with Protomolecule. Station infected including entire population bar a few survivors who escaped onboard Rocinante and the Protogen staff onboard Osiris S01E09, S01E10
2350 End of events over seven week period of time S01E09
2350 Black Sky attempts assasination of Chrisjen Avasarala by reprograming Drone on Earth to crash into her Aircraft. She survives S02E01
2350 Rocinante crew find live Protomolecule samples in safe. Hide it in torpedo. S02E01
2350 MCRN and UNN deploy in strategic stations throughout Outer System in Cold war tensions S02E01
2350 UNN Nathan Hale and MCRN Scirocco race to Phoebe each believing something of value on the station. Scirocco realising the UNMC outnumbered its own marines ten to one fired torpedoes destroying Phoebe to deny it to the United Nations. S02E01
2350 The United Nations fired Missiles at Deimos the smaller moon of Mars destroying it and killing twelve people S02E02
2350 Tycho Station OPA launch an assault on Thoth station destroying the stealth ship Osiris and boarding and capturing the station along with scientist Paolo Cortázar. Antony Dresden Protogen leader executed. S02E02
2350 Avarsarala secretly contacts Fred Johnson for information. Fred responds by sending coordinates of knocked out Stealth ship Osiris. UN spies then push it into shipping lanes to become public knowledge.
2350 Nauvoo seized by Tycho Station OPA for a ramming Eros into the sun and destroying the Protomolecule. S02E03, S03E04
2350 Eros incident. Eros travels on its own power towards Earth by the Protomolecule. Miller onboard the station finds Julie Mao reincarnated as part of the Protomolecule, and convinces her to turn the station instead towards Venus.
2350 Tycho Station OPA steals multiple United Nations strategic nuclear missiles that they hacked to prevent self destructs. S02E06
2350 Eros crashes into Venus S02E05
2351 UN Arboghast sent with joint military/civilian crew to investigate Eros crashsite on Venus. Encounters MCRN ship which tails them S02E06
2351 James Holden orders their Protomolecule samples in a torpedo destroyed by firing it into the sun. Naomi Nagata secretly fakes this whilst keeping the torpedo in place. S02E06
2351 Ganymede incident. UNN and MCRN ships engage in orbit over Ganymede after believing UNMC and MMC forces on the surface had engaged. Actually was Hybrid attacking both side's marines S02E06, S02E07
2351 OPA factions meeting on Tycho station S02E07
2351 Anderson Dawes kidnaps Paolo Cortázar from cell and taken to Ceres by Dawes OPA S02E07
2351 A Radical minor faction of the OPA seizes Tycho station's bridge. Holds Fred Johnson and staff hostage while attempting to fire captured UN strategic nuclear missiles. Air to bridge cut by loyalists and recaptured. Radicals executed by Camina Drummer S02E07
2351 A Belter owned transport ship carrying refugees from Ganymede to Tycho has all Inners taken to an airlock telling them they were to be transfered to another ship. Instead the airlock opens into the vaccum of space killing them all. Praxideke Meng witnesses this, but was spared by the crew because he was a Belter.
2351 Prax arrives on Tycho as refugee. Joins Rocinante crew to return to Ganymede in search of his daughter (and the protomolecule which had been detected on Ganymede by Paolo Cortázar prior to his kidnapping) S02E07
2351 Weeping Somnambulist boarded by Rocinante crew. Used to travel in secret to Ganymede. S02E09
2351 MCRN Scirocco arrives at Earth for peace talks. Bobbie Draper onboard to give witness testimony. S02E09
2351 Bobbie Draper breaks out of MCR embassy to visit sea. Met in secret by Chrisjen Avasarala who provides evidence of the Hybrid asking if that was what Bobbie saw on Ganymede. S02E10
2351 Bobbie Draper assaults Chaplin Martens and forces him to provide evidence proving he along as elements of the MCR used a Hybrid on their own troops. Flees embassy to United Nations area. Requests political asylum. S02E11
2351 Alex Kamal travels to Ganymede onboard the Rocinante by slingshoting around the moons of Jupiter. S02E11
2351 Sadavir Errinwright has the Martian defence minister who was involved with the Hybrids killed, faking a heart attack.
2351 The MCRN Karakum on a secret mission to pick up the Hybrid is destroyed by UNN missiles fired under Sadavir Errinwright's orders.
2351 On the surface of Ganymede Rocinante hunted a rogue Hybrid. Eventually gives up chase and goes into orbit. S02E11
2351 Ganymede is facing casade as damage from battle has heavily damaged environmental systems producing air. Weeping Sonmambulist takes off and is fired upon my MCRN Valkyrie. Rocinante destroys torpedo and escorts Weeping Sonmambulist out of the A.O. S02E11
2351 Arboghast is completely disasembled over Venus by the Protomolecule into every single component. Entire crew spaced and killed. S02E13
2351 Naomi gave the coordinates to the Protomolecule samples to Fred Johnson. S02E13
2351 Chrisjen Avasarala meets Jules Pierre Mao onboard the Guanshiyin S02E12
2351 Sadavir Errinwright's announces to Jules Pierre Mao and Chrisjen Avasarala what he has done and that he is the only political power who can protect Mao now. Orders Mao to kill Avasarala. Avasarala and Bobbie escape onboard the racing pinnace Razorback. S03E01
2351 Razorback is chased by a Leonidas-class battleship which attempts to destroy them. The unarmed pinnace can only flee and keep out of effective weapons range. MMC destress signal sent from power armor. S03E02
2351 Rocinante rescues Razorback by disabling the engines of the UNN battleship in CQB with torpedoes S03E02
2351-2 UN-MCR War throughout outer system. S03E01
2352 Anna Volovodov meets Secretary General. Agrees to advice him. S03E02
2352 Nuclear strike on earth. UN attempts to destroy MCR first strike stealth platforms. Successful except one nuclear missile launches striking South America S03E03
2352 Rocinante docks with wreck of Kittur Chennamma to scavenge PDC rounds and equipment. Finds three survivors. The survivors are rescued. Later Kittur Chennamma is partically repaired and survivors sent on course to MCRN forces with a video of Sadavir Errinwright provided by Avasarala that proves his guilt in launching an illegal war. Asks for it to be given to his superior officers to give to Admiral Souther. S03E04, S03E05
2352 Kittur Chennamma found by MCRN Hammurabi. Crew rescued and destroyer abandonded. The video proof of Errinwright's crimes given to ship captain. Decision made to intercept Souther's flagship that was heading towards Io. S03E05
2352 Hammurabi captain secretly sends video to Admiral Souther. S03E05
2352 Io Campaign. MCRN and UNN fleet faceoff over Io. Souther attempts to arrest Admiral Nguyen and orders fleet to stand down. Nguyen murders Souther and orders fleet to engage. Two ships disobey Nguyen's order and one is destroyed by a torpedo fired by Nguyen. UNN ships begin engaging one another. MCRN fleet does not engage and offers truce to UNN ships willing to agree. Nguyen fires surface Hybrid pods towards Mars. One pod hits Agatha King infecting ship. Reactor overloaded to destroy infection and ship. On Io surface Rocinante crew rescue kidnapped children, and capture Jules Pierre Mao. Bobbie Draper kills Hybrid. S03E05, S03E06
2352 UN-MCR War ends. Errinwright arrested for treason. Secretary General resigns. Chrisjen Avasarala becomes Secretary General. Bobbie Draper reinstated into MMC after giving evidence of crimes. S03E07
2352 Protomolecule leaves Venus. Travels past Uranus, forms ring structure. S03E06, S03E07
2352-3 Tycho Station OPA board adrift Nauvoo, convert it into a battleship Behemoth S03E04
2353 187 days after ring structure formation Earth-Mars Coalition fleets, OPA Navy, and the Rocinante arrive at Ring S03E07
2353 Belter slingshotter travels through ring at speed. Instantly stopped by ring gate which activates. Slowly enters ring space towards Ring station. Pilot Maneo killed. S03E07
2353 Deceased man Miller appears to James Holden. Tells him he needs to enter ring space slow and steady. S03E08
2353 Melba denonates bomb onboard Seung Un and activate video message framing James Holden for it. Rocinante flees through the gate into ringspace.
2353 Slow zone incident occurs. over 3000 ring gates opened from Slow zone and speed limit in zone deactivated. S03E08, S03E09, S03E10, S03E11, S03E12
2353 Behemoth remains in ring space, becomes Medina station. Used by OPA Navy as strategic location with human expansion into new systems S03E12, S04E01
2353-4 MCRN undergoes major force reductions after UN-MCR war and slow zone incident. Numerous Corvette-class and two Donnager-class disasembled for scrapping at Mariner Valley shipyard.
2353-4 Bobbie Draper dishonorably discharged, gets job in Mariner Valley shipyard scaping ships. S04E01
2354 Ring blockade run. Refugees run the blockade and found settlement on Ilus IV in Ilus system S04E01 (Note)[9]
2354 Royal Charter Energy company arrives at already settled Ilus IV. Shuttle upon landing is destroyed by explosion on landing pad. Many killed. S04E01
2354 Secretary General Avasarala travels to Mars on diplomatic visit to MCR. S04E02
2354 Nancy Gao resigns from cabinet. Runs for Secretary General due to disagreements over expanding colonies into new systems. General election held. S04E03
2354 Ongoing conflict between RCE security and Belters on Ilus IV. Belters who bombed shuttle gunned down S04E02 - S04E10
2354 Belter pirates attack UN supply ships. OPAS Tynan hunts down pirates. S04E01
2354 Marco Inaros a Belter extremist captured by OPA Navy. Multiple factions vote on if to spare and release him or to execute him. Vote to release. S04E04
2354 UNMC boards the Pizzouza in attempt to capture Marco Inaros. Ship's reactor explodes killing all onboard S04E07
2354 The Investigator activates systems all over Ilus IV. Causes reactor to explode on far side of planet from the human settlement First Landing. Moons activate defences that prevents reactor fusion in all ships in orbit. Shuttles also unable to land or takeoff past the moons. Humans flee inside Ring builder structures to hide from tsunami caused by the explosion. S04E05, S04E06, S04E07, S04E08, S04E09
2354 The Investigator shuts down all ring builder systems on the planet by connecting hiomself to everything and going through a Void bullet. Ships reactors work again and moons defenses shut down S04E09, S04E10
2354 Camina Drummer quits OPA Navy after Pizzouza destroyed; blamed Fred Johnson. S04E08
2354 Mariner Valley shipyard bombing. Shipyard heavily destroyed and several Martians killed in shootout with Belters S04E10
2354 Klaes Ashford hunts Marco Inaros, captured MCRN officer with information on Inaros's last known location S04E08, S04E10
2354 Tynan boards Marco Inaros's ship. Ashford fails to kill Marco Inaros, is captured and executed by being spaced. Ashford secretly recorded conversation that implied Marco was going to throw asteroids at the Inners. S04E10
2354 Marco Inaros has nine stealth coated asteroids launched towards Earth S04E10
2354 Nancy Gao wins election to be Secretary-General of the United Nations. Chrisjen Avasarala sent to Luna as punishment S04E10, S05E01
2354 Bobbie Draper contacts Chrisjen Avasarala over black market, agrees to help investigate thefts of MCRN equipment. Begins investigating using funds provided by Avasarala in secret S04E10
2354 Rocinante leaves Ilus IV and returns to Sol system. Travels to Tycho station S04E10, S05E01 (note)[10]
2354-5 Pothos travels out of the Sol system towards Laconia with at least two people held captive onboard The Expanse (comics 2021) Chapter One.
2354-5 Bobbie meets former marine Kal. He attempts to recruit her to a consortium he is working for that paid well. The Expanse (comics 2021) Chapter One.
2354-5 Bobbie meets with a contact in a warehouse who she was intending to purchase stolen weaponry and materials from. There is an explosion and two men enter the warehouse killing her contact and wounding Bobbie before she fled. The Expanse (comics 2021) Chapter one
2354-5 Rocinante crew recieved payment from United Nations for resolving conflict on Ilus IV The Expanse (comics 2021) Chapter One.
2354-5 Second attempt on Chrisjen Avasarala's life. Consortium member breaks into her quarters on Luna and assaults her before she manages to escape. The Expanse (comics 2021), Chapter Three
2354-5 Bobbie draper arrested and held by corrupt police. The Expanse (comics 2021), Chapter Three
2354-5 Bobbie breaks into hidden area of Consortium hangarbay, discovering and recording people locked in shipping containers. Video sent to Avasarala who makes it public. Martian police find hangar bay and stop this human trafficing The Expanse (comics 2021), Chapter Four
2354-5 Bobbie Draper having spent months buying military equipment from the black market obtains older model of Goliath powered armor. Attempts to buy first strike missiles in order to find who is behind thefts. S05E01, S05E02
2355 Rocinante drydocked in Tycho station for complete overhaul due to heavy damage sustained at Ilus IV. S05E01
2355 Amos Burton travels to Earth for personal matters after a woman close to him died. Meets with Chrisjen Avasarala on Luna before being allowed to travel to the surface S05E01
2355 Amos meets with the Widower of the person who died before meeting with Erich to convince him to keep paying the bills to allow the Widower to remain in his home.
2355 Alex Kamal travels to Mars on the Razorback. Meets Bobbie Draper who informs him of blackmarket thefts. Agrees to meet with Admiral Sauveterre to see if he can find any information. Is unsuccessful, but discovers MCRN Barkeith heading on supply run.
2355 Amos Burton travels to Earth after a woman he was close to died.
2355 Naomi leaves Tycho Station onboard Chetzemoka. Travels to Pallas searching for estranged son Filip.
2355 After arriving at Pallas Naomi meets and is later kidnapped by Filip. Is taken onboard Chetzemoka to Marco Inaros's flagship Pella. Is held as prisoner onboard. S065
2355 Bombardment of Earth. First asteroid stikes West Africa. Unknown if natural event or attack.
2355 Amos enters The Pit as VIP to visit Clarissa Mao S05E04
2355 Bombardment of Earth. Second asteroid strikes North America. Confirmed as attack on Earth. S05E04
2355 Bombardment of Earth. Chrisjen Avasarala contacts Nancy Gao advising her link up deep space satelites to the asteroid spotters to search for more stealth coated asteroids. S05E04
2355 Bombardment of Earth. Third asteroid stikes Bay of Bengal. Secretary-General of the United Nations Nancy Gao is killed onboard UN One when it is ripped apart by the shockwave. Earth has suffered hude environmental disaster covering the sky in dust S05E04
2355 Tycho station Coup. Fred Johnson murdered, Protomolecule live samples stolen by Free Navy. S05E04
2355 MCR Parliament bombing S05E04
2355 Bobbie and Alex onboard Razorback follow MCRN Barkeith. Recieve general United Nations broadcast warning flight restrictions near near and learns of Bombardment of Earth, MCR Parliament bombing, Tycho Station Coup.
2355 Marco Inaros publicly announces formation of Free Navy, declares that he was behind the coordinated attacks on Tycho, Earth, and Mars. S05E04
2355 Amos and Clarissa escape The Pit climbing an elevator shaft to find the above ground section completely destroyed. S05E05
2355 Naomi onboard Pella upon realising that a code had been uploaded onto Rocinante which would overload the reactor destroying the ship. After attacking Cyn she grabs his computer and sends a video warning of this to James Holden. Code then discovered and deleted from Rocinante S05E05
2355 Razorback spots Marco's fleet. Alex and Bobbie onboard Razorback discover the Barkeith giving its heavy frigate escorts to Belters. Razorback gets fired on by Belter skiff, ejects its core to destroy missile and is then docked with to board by Belters. Bobbie kills Belters in her Goliath armor whilst Alex plants bomb on the skiff which explodes upon starting drive. S05E05, S05E06
2355 The Chetzemoka is rigged up with explosives designed to detonate when a ship got close to it. A false distress signal immitating Naomi Nagata's voice in order to draw in the Rocinante.
2355 David Paster as highest surviving member of United Nations government becomes Secretary-General of the United Nations.
2355 Rocinante engages Zmeya. After discovering the location of the Zmeya which had stolen the live Protomolecule samples from Tycho Station. After disabling it the Zmeya explosed destroying the ship. S05E07
2355 Drummer faction meets with Free Navy command fleet. Docks with Pella to discuss joining Free Navy. Faction votes to join despite Camina Drummer's strong disliking of Marco Inaros.
2355 Amos and Clarissa kill a survivalist on the surface of Earth taking shelter in his home to recover enough to continue towards Baltimore. S0506
2355 Naomi escapes the Pella by jumping out an airlock without a Spacesuit faking her own suicide whilst actually flying towards the now empty Chetzemoka, getting inside and barely surviving. Naomi would once partically recovered use a spacesuit without airtanks to change and disable the distress call.
2355 Amos and Clarissa discover multiple covered dead bodies of elderly at an old folks home. S05E08
2355 David Paster makes first offical speech as Secretary-General of the United Nations in front of the media on Luna. S05E08
2355 Amos and Clarissa arrive at Baltimore. They meet with Erich and convince him to travel with them to find a orbital shuttle on New Hamshire at one of the manors of the wealthy.
2355 Free Navy engages Matar Kubileya. A fleet of Matar Kubileya OPA who refused to join the Free Navy were engaged and destroyed by two Free Navy ships. The Drummer faction flotilla was made to perform salvage operations afterwards.
2355 Admiral Delgado purposes to the United Nations leadership launch a missile strike against Pallas. Chrisjen Avasrala opposes this as it was against a civilian target and would only further radicalise Belters towards the Free Navy cause. Initally David Paster does not authorise this strike. S05E08
2355 UNN strike on Pallas. David Paster authorised the attack on Pallas secretly without consulting his government. Chrisjen Avasarala after learning of it tried to prevent any further attacks. When it became clear David Paster was going to make more attacks Avasarala resigned from his government along with three other members of his cabinet. S05E09
2355 Upon traveling to New Hamshire Amos, Erich, Clarissa along with Erich's gang find a non functioning shuttle at a manor. Agreeing to let some locals join them, they begin to perform repairs to it. When a local security group appears it becomes clear that if they cannot leave soon they will be attacked.
2355 Several more members of David Paster's cabinet resign. The remaining members made a vote of no confidence in his rule. Chrisjen Avasarala became Secretary-General of the United Nations upon accepting the role. S05E09
2355 Gun battle in Winnipesaukee. Upon repairing the shuttle and preping for takeoff the security group returns in force attacking Amos, Clarissa, and Erich's gang. Despite taking casualities they escape in the shuttle and reach orbit, traveling to Luna. S05E01, S05E10
2355 Naomi disables a thruster on Weeping Somnambulist causing the ship to move in a circle in an attempt to prevent the Razorback from trying to dock and setting off the ships explosives. S05E10
2355 Engagement near Patroclus. Two UNN cruisers and one MCRN frigate engage five Free Navy. One UNN ship destroyed and the second retreated. The MCRN Frigate was reported lost, but was actually secretly given to the Free Navy. S05E10
2355 Free Navy engages Rocinante. In an attempt to destroy the Rocinante before it could reach Naomi Marco Inaros had two MCRN built ships detached from the Free Navy command fleet to meet up with the three ship Drummer faction flotilla. Drummer switches sides attacking the Free Navy ships and buying Rocinante time to get into CQB and use its railgun to win the engagement. S05E10
2355 upon Razorback reaching the Weeping Somnambulist Naomi jumps out of the ship into the vacum of space despite the lack of air for her spacesuit. She performs Belter hand and arm signals to warn that the ship will detonate. Bobbie floats to her in her powerarmor attaching an airbottle to Naomi's suit shortly before she expired. Meanwhile after the hard burn to get there Alex Kamal has a stroke dying.
2355 Rocinante meets up with Razorback taking Naomi and Bobbie onboard, whilst contacting Alex's ex wife to inform of his death and arrange funeral arrangements. Continues to Luna where they pick up Amos and Clarissa. S05E10
2355 Battle for the Sol gate. The Free Navy command fleet engaged three Earth-Mars Coalition Battleships guarding the Sol gate. Moments before the engagement a micro meteror cloud hits all battleships heavily damaging them. Still holding their own the sole MCRN battleship is destroyed by torpedoes from Medina Station, followed by an MCRN fleet appearing on the flank, but attacking and destroying the two remaining UNN battleships before traveling through the Slow zone towards the Laconia system S05E10
2355 Ring network anomaly. The Barkeith goes "Dutchman" upon entering the Laconia gate. The ship disapears with all onboard. S05E10
2355 Rocinante leaves Luna for recon mission in the Belt S06E01
2355-2356 MCRN Donnager-class ship destroyed by Free Navy S06E01
2355-2356 Numerous more asteroid strikes impact Earth. S06E01
2355-2356 Several Stations in Belt and outer system declare for Free Navy including Ceres, Prospero, Ganymede, Vesta, Iapetus, and Tycho Station S06E01
2356 Free Navy runs out of Stealth materials for use on asteroids flung at Earth
2355-2356 Bombardment of Earth continues. UNN and MCRN defences of Earth destroy all 200 individual asteroid strike over six month period. S06E01
Mid 2356 Three asteroids tracked by MCRN Denali, UNN Farragut, and Sentinel-16 were destroyed by Earth railgun defenses. S06E01
Mid 2356 Rocinante engages and destroys a Free Navy skiff near an asteroid. They then discover an Epstein Drive attached directly to asteroid, and they learn that a command ship fires them against Earth. S06E01
Mid 2356 Free Navy command fleet docks at Ceres station. Marco Inaros declares the Station as the capital of the Belt. S06E01
Mid 2356 Drummer faction engagement with Jotunn. Jotunn and Dewalt destroyed in drive explosion. S06E01
Mid 2356 Rocinante destroys asteroid and its drive then travels towards Free Navy Spotter ship. S06E01
Mid 2356 Repair drones discovered on Laconia by a young girl Cara Bisset S06E01, S06E02
Mid 2356 Filip Inaros drunkenly shoots friend dead. Held in jail until released by Marco Inaros S06E01, S06E02
Mid 2356 Rocinante docks with a UNN supply ship. Bobbie Draper boards Rocinante with mission orders. S06E02
Mid 2356 Tynan docks with Inazami Meeting with the ship captain Liang Walker who suggests they join forces to raid a Free Navy supply base. S06E02
2356 Rocinante boards Azure Dragon (TV). Rocinante boards and captures Azure Dragon discovering locations of all meteors headed for Earth S06E02
2356 The child Zan Bisset is hit by a vehicle on Laconia and killed.
2356 Ceres Offensive. UNN and loyal MCRN forces advance on Ceres. Free Navy forces strip Ceres and abandon the station. EMC captures the station without resistance. S06E03
2356 Ceres bombings. Numerous preset bombs detonated at Ceres docks putting two MCRN heavy frigates out of commission, and flushing water supplies into vacum S06E03
2356 Free Navy ambushes Rocinante. While on route to join EMC forces at Ceres the Rocinante was spotted and attacked by the Pella and two escorts. Rocinante survives and escapes S06E03
2356 Laconia begins deliveries of Ring Station railguns to the Slow zone S06E03
2356 Laconian Empire manages to activate Laconia Station an ancient Ring builder shipyard for the first time. S06E04
2356 Drummer faction raids Free Navy supply base. Drummer faction captures Free Navy supply base. Camina Drummer publicly annouces to system that she denounced Marco Inaros and that she had taken his supply base for the Belt. S06E04
2356 Cara Bisset steals her deceased brother Xan's body and takes him to Repair drones. Drones repair Xan and bring him back to live with changes. When presented to parents this version of Xan is rejected and the children flee into the wild. S06E05
2356 First Battle of Medina Station. MCRN stealth fleet attacks the Sol gate destroying the sentries and entering into the Slow zone. Immediately after discovering previously unknown Ring Station railguns platforms the entire MCRN fleet was destroyed. S06E05
2356 Drummer faction brings captured supplies to Ceres to save station population. S06E05
2356 Secretary General Avasarala and Camina Drummer meet on Ceres and make alliance against Free Navy. S06E05
2356 Combined Fleet Offensive. Three Free Navy fleets retreated to the Sol gate and the safety of the Ring station railguns in a strategic position. Three fleets intercept and engage, one MCRN, one UNN, and one Drummer faction. Drummer faction engages the weakest force with only one former MCRN frigate. However, supply ship in Free Navy fleet turns out to be the Pella in disguise. Drummer faction takes heavy losses and withdraws to Ceres. UNN and MCRN fleet successful in destroying Free Navy fleets. S06E06
2356 Second Battle of Medina Station. Rocinante and a large freighter launch hundreds of cargo pods and missiles at ring station with assault squads hidden amongst them. Despite heavy losses assault teams land on Ring Station and attempt to capture railguns. They fail to do so, but manage to destroy railguns. S06E06
2356 Filip Inaros disalusioned with his father deserts the Free Navy stealing a repair Skiff. S06E06
2356 Second Battle of Medina Station continued. Unable to capture Medina Station itself, and lacking the railguns the Rocinante crew realise they could create the Ring network anomaly by firing every missile, railgun, cargo pods, and the cargoship into the sol gate moments before the Free Navy fleet transisted the gate causing them to go dutchman and vanish S06E06
2356 Free Navy Conflict Ends. S06E06
late 2356 (presumed) Treaty of Ceres. Transport Union founded. James Holden becomes first President. Resigns immediately to give position to Camina Drummer. S06E06
late 2356 Grunya Sukareva destroyed by Free Navy remnant. Wreck found by Rocinante on anniversary of death of Alex Kamal. The Expanse: Dragon Tooth Issue 1
late 2356 Abandoned Free Navy Skiff found in Medina Station. When boarded by security a Box with "For Naomi Nagata" found onboard. Box contained comms data/footage of communications between Marco Inaros and Winston Duarte of the Martion defectors.
2356 Chrisjen Avasarala visits Sadavir Errinwright at Luna prison. Arranges monthly visits from his son in exchange for revealing what he knew about "Dragon Tooth" The Expanse: Dragon Tooth Issue 3
2366 Body found on Rocinante drive cone when docked at a comms relay attached to a Ring gate. The Expanse: Dragon Tooth Issue 5
2366 Naomi Nagata survives assasination attempt onboard Comm relay at ring gate The Expanse: Dragon Tooth Issue 6
The Expanse: Dragon Tooth Issue 7
2376 A UNN intelligence operative is assasinated, and his top secret information on a chip stolen by an undercover Laconian posing as UNN Marine. The Expanse: Dragon Tooth Issue 9
2386 President Camina Drummer ordered full blood tests of every person onboard to search for Laconian infitrators by checking for drugs used by Martians. Laconian attempt to fake blood tests foiled, alerting the Transport Union to their presence onboard. A EMC Jupiter fleet battlegroup dispatched to the Sol gate. Amos kidnapped at a brothel onboard Medina Station The Expanse: Dragon Tooth Issue 10

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Date Event Source
2,000,000,000 years ago Protomolcule launched towards Sol system
200,000 years ago Humanity appears
2000s Luna colonised. The Expanse Roleplaying Game - 8. Earth
2000-2099 Mars first colonised The Expanse Roleplaying Game - 9. Mars
2050-99 Earth’s nations ceded their sovereignty to the UN, creating a unified global government. The Expanse Roleplaying Game - 8. Earth
2320 Josephus Miller begins working in security on Ceres The Expanse Novel Leviathan Wakes - Chapter 12: Miller
2336 Anderson Station Massacre. The Expanse Novel Leviathan Wakes - Chapter 9: Holden [11]
2337-44 James Holden serving in United Nations Navy The Expanse Novel Leviathan Wakes - Chapter 1: Holden
2340 Pallas colony revolt. Earth-Mars Coalition sends in Marines. Bloodshed avoided however, when Fred Johnson appears convincing both sides to step back peacefully. The Expanse Novel Leviathan Wakes - Chapter 9: Holden
2340-2341 Fred Johnson negotiates better working conditions for Belters on Pallas' refinerys. The Expanse Novel Leviathan Wakes - Chapter 9: Holden
2345 James Holden discharged from UNN. Starts working as a civilian in space The Expanse Novel Leviathan Wakes - Chapter 1: Holden
2350 Events of book begin. Orignal date of Roleplaying game which the books are based upon
-2342 Discovery on Phoebe. Protogen kills Martian scientists and steals protomolecule samples. The Expanse Novella The Vital Abyss
2350 Demise of the Scopuli and Canterbury Leviathan Wakes
2350 The Attack on the Donnager Leviathan Wakes
2350 The Protogen experiment on Eros Leviathan Wakes
2350 The Rocinante crew finds the abandoned stealth ship Anubis
2350 Destruction of Deimos
2350 Assault on Thoth Station
2350 Destruction of Phoebe
2350 Eros incident Leviathan Wakes
+6 months
Ganymede Incident The Expanse Novel Caliban's War - Chapter 1: Bobbie
2351 Holden and crew travel to Ganymede, investigating Protomolecule
2352 Engagement in the Jovian system
2352 Io Campaign
2351/2352 Protomolecule leaves Venus. Miller appears to Holden The Expanse Novel Caliban's War - Chapter 54: Prax
2352 Ring gate forms near Uranus
2353 Ring gate activates after being crossed by Y Que The Expanse Novel Abaddon's Gate - Prologue: Manéo The Expanse Novel Abaddon's Gate - Chapter 1: Holden
30 years Laconia-Sol Conflict begins with Third Battle of Medina Station Leviathan Wakes
+4 years Siege of Laconia
+1000 years First human made Faster than light travel. Delegation lands on Earth. Meets Amos Burton. [12]


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