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The Tori Byron, also called simply the Byron, is a Transport Union cruiser tasked with defending Medina[1]

designated lead defense and honor guard by Onni Langstiver during the reception of the Laconian ships which turned into the incursion by the Laconians.

When the Heart of the Tempest came through the gate, it did not respond to hails nor directives to hold position. The Tori Byron target-locked the Tempest and was immediately decimated by the Tempest's USM field projector.[2]

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  • The name of this ship seems to be a combination of the names of two co-hosts on the long-running Discovery channel TV series Mythbusters, Tory Bellici and Kari Byron. A ship named Savage Landing also appears in this book which corresponds to a different co-host on the series who made an appearance in season 2 of The Expanse, Adam Savage.

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