The Torngarsuk was the personal ship of the Outer Planets Alliance leader Micah al-Dujaili. Originally a civilian ship the Torngarsuk was upgraded with weapons including point defense cannons.


Tycho OPA meetingEdit

When Fred Johnson requested that all remaining OPA leaders that had not joined the Free Navy gather for a meeting, the Torgansuk traveled to Tycho Station for the meeting. The ship was maintained by Tycho staff whilst in port, and afterwards left for Callisto with an OPA flotilla of 7 ships.

Battle over CallistoEdit

Micah al-Dujaili led the OPA flotilla from the Torngarsuk against Marco Inaros's forces stationed at Callisto. al-Dujaili's forces hold an advantage in numbers, but due to the size of space, their attack was identified in time for the Free Navy Ganymede Fleet to launch and reinforce Inaros; they arrived as the engagement began.

Due to Inaros's chaotic command and focus on the Torngarsuk, the engagement quickly entered into a close quarters battle. Both sides took casualties, but with the Torngarsuk's quick defeat and the retreat of two of the Consolidated Fleet's ships, the battle was a one sided engagement.

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