{{Transcript Statement
  |speaker_label = [REQUIRED]
  |statement     = [REQUIRED]
  |speaker_wiki_link = [DESIRABLE]
  |timestamp     = [PREFERABLE]
  |note          = [OPTIONAL]
  |highlight = <#> [RESERVED]


This file contains text to be included by using this content source file in conjunction with a {{transcript}} tag. The purpose of this file is to support inclusion/transclusion of episode dialog. Actual text may only be visible when editing in source mode.

Syntax[edit source]

Type {{transcript}} somewhere.

accepts optional parameter... {{transcript|<input>}}

Notes[edit source]

  • Specifying input parameter is optional.
  1. the default is the "./transcript" file corresponding with the current page.
  2. Standard error is displayed when no corresponding transcript content file is found.
  • This continues being tested.
  • Edit using "source" mode to access actual transcript text content.
  • Content files such as this may appear in the "Orphaned Pages" report because they aren't linked to directly. This is a situation very much like that of pages which appear listed on the default index pages or custom index pages for categories, i.e. {{Category:Belter words}}.
  • Using a different name may require additional effort than the default. This would be in the form of:
  1. adding logic to the template that invokes the content file through transclusion. Doing this runs a risk of breaking compatibility with existing deployments/implementations
  2. adding specifically the name of content file in the invocation of the template, {{Transcript|<<input>>}}
  • Once edits are completed in a transcript source file through this implementation, it may often be necessary to purge the cache of an article that uses the transcript file in order for those changes to become visible.
    • Load the article with the URL parameters "action=purge"
  • This functionality may be too advanced for novice wiki editors and still too advanced for many intermediate experience wiki editors so close attention to detail and precision is necessary but assistance from devoted, advanced skill level wiki editors is encouraged/welcomed.

Samples[edit source]


Components Used[edit source]

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<div class="mw-collapsible">

Vertical scrolling[edit source]

{{vscroll start}} and {{vscroll end}}

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