The Transport Union is a sovereign federation first proposed after the conclusion of the Free Navy Conflict. Through its mandate, territory has expanded beyond the Asteroid Belt and the outer Sol system and encompasses all that is not in the gravity wells of the planets themselves..

The Union establishes itself as a greater superpower than the former ones, the United Nations and the MCR, by controlling all inter-system and intra-system trade, as well as other economic and military aspects, such as assuring safety and fairness during interstellar transit throughout the Ring Network.

The trade system would re-stabilize Sol's economy and power balance, and also would improve international cooperation between the UN and the MCR.

The Union is rooted in the belt of Sol. It grew out of all the stations Earth and Mars colonized on asteroids and moons. It now also includes the growing number of void cities and transfer stations.

Unlike the navies of Mars and Earth the Transport Union gives contracts out to armed ships for any mission/assignment they partake in. In some cases independently owned ships are given mandatory security contracts[1]

History Edit

The formation of the Transport Union was first discussed at a conference on the Medina Station, proposed by Holden. The idea was then formalized and accepted by Sol's heads of government.

Thirty years after the bombardment of Earth, once the planet is recovered, the union itself has established stations outside the gravity wells and opens for business through a ceremony where president Drummer presides on TSL-5, transfer station at Lagrange-5.

Before this Union was established, the populations in the Belt had been brought together with the Outer Planets Alliance through a shared sense of struggle, oppression, and in many cases rebellion. With the change of conditions brought about because of the ring gates and the treaty which brought about union, the power base of the OPA dissolve and many constituents were absorbed in a new role within the Union. Deft members of the old OPA leadership parlayed their political capital for a position in the Union.

During the hunger years caused by the devastation of the solar system the union was tasked with establishing and running the trade within the ring network. Earth was devestated by the attacks of the Free Navy and desperatly needed the ressources from the colony worlds. The belters were choosen to form and run the union not only because of their experience in low-g enviroments, but also to integrate them into the new order of the solar system by providing economic opportunities.

The Union with their monopoly on transportation proved to be immensly succesfull: Not only were the regular shipments from outer-world ressources extremly important to stop the starvation of the entire system (a threat that was becoming imminent after the bombardment of earth), but the wealth distributed through this sucess made the Union very rich and powerfull. The construction of void cities, a decades old belter-dream that was blocaded by the inner planets repeatedly in the past, is the most prominent example of this change.

While the Transport Union is offically just a union that oversees transport inside the ring-network, in reality the Transport Union is one of the two major political players in the sol-system, bringing them more and more on collision course with the colony worlds who are dependent on trade through the ring network, which use is monopolized by the Transport Union.

When the colony of Freehold sent a ship through the Slow Zone without authorisation the Transport Union contracted the Rocinante to visit Freehold and inform them that they were being cut off from the Ring network as punishment.

Shortly the Rocinante returned to Medina Station an announcement came through the Laconia Ring stating that they would be entering the Slow Zone. The Transport Union formed a small two-ship fleet consisting of the cruiser Tori Byron and the Frigate Rocinante along with the Ring station Railgun emplacements to fend off any aggression. When the Heart of the Tempest entered the slow Zone it destroyed the Tori Byron the Captain of the Rocinante Bobbie Draper ordered the rail guns to fire on the enemy. However, the enemy warship absorbed all projectal hits and fired it's mysterious weapon against Ring Station destroying the railguns. The Rocinante then surrendered and Medina Station was lost to Laconian Marines in boarding pods.

With the arrival of Laconia, factions of the old OPA re-emerge and act in ways reminiscent of their heyday. Factions such as Golden Bough and Voltaire as well as Johnson's OPA and Ochoa's OPA.[2]

After the defeat of the United Nations, Martian Congressional Republic, and Transport Union at the Battle of Point Leuctra the transport union became a Client State of the Laconian Empire with its President Camina Drummer being given scripted speeches by the new rulers to say the official Laconian stance.

Under Laconian rule the Transport Union is reorganised to serve the Laconian Empire and begins operating in the Laconia system.

Ships/Stations Edit

Designation Class Type Appearances Notes
Medina station Behemoth-class Spin-Station Persepolis Rising (Books) Located in the Slow Zone
TSL-5 Spin-station Persepolis Rising (Books)
Deep Transfer Station Three Spin-station Tiamat's Wrath (Books) Critical central hub for traffic coming in and out of the Sol gate.
Pallas-Tycho Complex spin-station/asteroid station Persepolis Rising (Books) Pallas section abandoned before destruction by Laconia Tycho Station section withdrawn from conflict area.
Tori Byron Unknown class Cruiser Persepolis Rising (Books) Destroyed by Heart of the Tempest
Rocinante Corvette-class light frigate (TV)[3]
Under mandatory security contract during inital stages of the Laconia-Sol Conflict.
Vanderpoele VIP transport transport Persepolis Rising (Books) This ship was at the disposal of the President of the Transport Union in office at anytime.
People's Home Void city Station/Battleship Persepolis Rising (Books)
Independence Persepolis Rising (Books) Destroyed by Heart of the Tempest
Guard of Passage Persepolis Rising (Books)
Assurance of Peace Persepolis Rising (Books) Never completed. Was abandoned when Heart of the Tempest approached when only half-built.
Bhikaji Cama Unknown-class Ice hauler Tiamat's Wrath
Mosley Unknown-class Ice hauler Tiamat's Wrath Sister ship of Bhikaji Cama
Verity Close Unknown-class Ice hauler Tiamat's Wrath Sister ship of Bhikaji Cama
Pendulum Arc Unknown-class Cargo hauler Tiamat's Wrath

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