The UNNTripoli was a Truman-class dreadnought of the United Nations Navy that had been refitted in order to carry an additional 6 torpedo bays and 4 PDCs. After the discovery of the Ring Gates, the vessel was assigned to the EMC ring gate fleet protect the Sol Gate along with the UNN Montenegro and the MCRN Sagarmatha. The Tripoli and the other EMC ring gate fleet ships were destroyed by forces of the Free Navy & rogue MCRN elements which would eventually form the Laconian Imperial Navy, during the Battle for the Sol gate.

History[edit | edit source]

Tripoli was assigned to guard the Sol gate from unauthorized entry along with several United Nations Navy and Martian Congressional Republic Navy ships. When several Belter refugee ships attempted to run the blockade, the Tripoli, alongside the defending fleet, fired upon the Belter ships preventing all but three ships from passing through.[2]

After the disappearance of multiple colonist ships such as the Sojourner in the vicinity of the Sol gate, the Tripoli was assigned to enter and reside within the Ring Space, observing Medina Station and overseeing activity in the space.[3] Later, during the Free Navy Conflict, the Tripoli was re-positioned outside the gate to guard its entrance alongside the UNN Montenegro and MCRN Sagarmatha.

During the Free Navy's attempt to transit through the Sol Gate, Tripoli, alongside her UNN and MCRN counterparts, sustained significant damage from an unexpected stealth coated micro-meteor strike planned by Inaros. This strike significantly hampered the dreadnought's ability to effectively wage combat; however, the vessel's PDCs, torpedoes, and railguns continued to strike at incoming Free Navy torpedoes and ships.

The vessel was later destroyed under an overwhelming and unexpected volley of torpedoes fired from rogue MCRN ships approaching the Ring from the vessel's flank. The Tripoli can be assumed lost with all hands.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Because of its refits, the Tripoli maybe slower than the stock Truman-class dreadnought, if it doesn't have upgraded S-400 Epstein Drives as its extra torpedo bays & third "wing" of PDC's add more mass to the ship.
  • Tripoli is the capital city of Libya.

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