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This article is about the moon Triton. For the spaceship, see Triton (spacecraft)

Triton is the largest moon of Neptune, and the 7th largest moon in the Sol system.


The deep astronomy labs on Triton are the most distant outpost of humanity as of the events of Leviathan Wakes.

When riots grew on Ceres and throughout the Belt after the destruction of the Canterbury Books • TV, a band of prospectors sympathetic to the OPA occupied the astronomy labs on Triton, turned the array in-system and broadcasted the location of every Martian ship in the system.[1]


  • Triton is the son of Neptune and is the guardian of the fishes and other creatures in the deep blue sea.
  • Triton is thought to be an object from the Kuiper belt, once being the biggest dwarf planet, caught by Neptune's gravitational pull millions of years ago.
  • It orbits Neptune in a retrograde orbit, meaning it spins in the opposite direction Neptune rotates, and is the largest moon in the Sol System to do so.
  • It has geysers, spewing out nitrogen, giving the moon a very thin nitrogen atmosphere.
  • The South pole of the moon is covered with frozen nitrogen and methane. There may be a North cap as well.


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