Tycho Manufacturing Accelerator Tugs were used by Tycho Station to move large ships around Tycho safely.


When the Nauvoo was launched from Tycho to intercept Eros, accelerator tugs were launched and attached to the generation ship to move it out of dock without damaging the station with its engines. Once safely away from the station, these tugs disengaged and Nauvoo moved on its own Epstein Drives.

When Outer Planets Alliance sent a fleet to salvage the adrift Nauvoo, accelerator tugs were launched and attached to the ship to turn it 180 degrees. With the Nauvoo converted into a dreadnought and rechristened the Behemoth, the 370 accelerator tugs were permanently attached to the hull to serve as maneuvering thrusters, as the Nauvoo was originally designed for a single long trip that didn't require any maneuvering thrusters.

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