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The Tynan was a gunship, later converted to torpedo boat, of the Outer Planets Alliance Navy. It was based at Medina Station between missions.


The OPAS Tynan was captained by Klaes Ashford and used by the OPA Navy for anti-piracy operations. It was protecting the UNN freighter Amberjack on a UN-MCR supply route when it was attacked by pirates.[3] The Tynan knocked out the pirate ship and captured one of its crew in a vac suit.

This ship assisted in the boarding of Marco Inaros's personal ship by firing PDC rounds at its drive cone, before a breaching pod attached to the ship.[4] Ashford led the boarding party to capture Inaros, but they were all killed in the attack.

After killing Ashford and his entire crew, Inaros had his people strip the Tynan of all its vital components including PDCs, fuel pellets, hull armor, computer panels, data cores, and comms buffers. The ship was then abandoned despite being a good hull as a message to other Belters not to defy him.

After breaking off from the Outer Planets Alliance and becoming a pirate, Camina Drummer and her crews found the stripped Tynan adrift in space. Drummer had her crew fix the hull breaches and restore the ship to operational condition. Whilst this left a strain on their resources, it was successful, and the Tynan joined her small fleet, growing it to three ships. Racks of missiles were installed onto the ship in place of the missing PDCs. Camina later found Ashford's hidden stash in the airlock including a recording of him talking to Marco Inaros moments before his death.


  • The Tynan sports MCRN markings on its hull as well as several PDC placements. It appears that the ship was not MCRN-built, but that Ashford obtained PDCs and sections of Martian hull armor and had them installed onto his ship.
  • The ship contained 2✕ PDC until its stripping down by Marco Inaros. After Drummer obtained the ship, she had the missing PDCs replaced with missiles.
  • The PDCs were stolen from the Martian Congressional Republic Navy with Drummer stating that they were the best in the Belt.[2]
  • After Drummer had the Tynan restored and refitted, its display panels still showed its original configuration with extra armor and PDC emplacements despite these having been stripped previously.



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