The UNN Home fleet is the naval arm of the United Nations that operated in the inner Sol system. Seeing Mars as a major threat, the UNN kept a large number of ships in its navy as well as long-range nuclear missiles based on Earth and planetary defense railguns.


When Eros moved under its own power towards Earth the United Nations fired its nuclear arsenal from the planets surface against the asteroid. When Eros diverted these were remote detonated.

A Leonidas-class battleship from the Home Fleet was used to transport Chrisjen Avasarala to a VIP meeting with Jules-Pierre Mao. This ships commanding officer was ultimately loyal to Undersecretary Errinwright who ordered the ship to kill Avasarala. This was unsuccessful when the Rocinante crippled the engines of the battleship.

During the UN-MCR War the planetary defense railguns at Earth were used to fire upon and destroy 5 MCRN Stealth C Ballistic Missile Platforms. This was successful, but one of them fired a missile that the planetary defenses and Home Fleet failed to prevent from hitting the surface.

The Home Fleet foiled an attempt by what was believed to be Outer Planets Alliance extremists who used a freighter to try and fire a asteroid against Earth.

Later on three asteroids covered in stealth coating were able to get past the Home Fleet and planetary defenses undetected causing huge environmental damage and billions of deaths on the surface. These were coordinated by a Free Navy ship the Azure Dragon. With the risk of more asteroids to the already battered planet the Home Fleet was unable to move away from Earth to engage the enemy.

When the Azure Dragon was captured by the Rocinante the Home Fleet was able to move onto offensive operations launching the Ceres Offensive.