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The UN Callisto shipyards are a civilian shipyard located on the surface of Jupiter's moon Callisto. It was located next to the MCRN Callisto shipyards and shared anti-asteroid defenses. These shipyards are administered by Earth-based companies and are not involved in military production.

The UN Callisto Shipyards were the civilian twin to MCRN’s shipyards in a crater on Callisto’s surface. Earth-based companies are primarily involved in mining, transport or building and administer the shipyard, leasing parts of the MCRN Callisto Orbital Shipyards for any work more easily done in zero gravity. Earther ships built on Callisto look nothing like those that come the Bush Orbital Shipyards. They are simple vessels built (or retrofitted) for one task, without taking aesthetics and comfort into consideration. In this, they are possibly more similar to their MCRN cousins than any ship built at Earth or Luna.


Free Navy strike teams destroyed the shipyards anti-asteroid defenses in order to allow an asteroid to destroy the adjacent MCRN Callisto shipyards[1].

During the asteroid strike, the civilian yards also received heavy damage with half the shipyard being destroyed[2]. During the attack, civilians were evacuated into hard shelters keeping casualties lower; however, at least one shelter cracked killing everyone inside.

During the Free Navy Conflict, the Free Navy occupied the shipyards using them as a military base for their ships[3]. Half the docks would remain for civilian shipping, but the other half for Free Navy gunships and captured vessels.

During the final stages of the Free Navy conflict, seven Free Navy ships were docked here before leaving to retake Medina Station[4].


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