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The underground was a resistance movement formed to fight against the Laconian Empire. Led by Saba the underground used methods of staying hidden employed for generations by Belters of the Outer Planets Alliance. Despite this many non-Belters joined the underground including former Transport Union, United Nations Navy and Martian Congressional Republic Navy personnel.


Formed largely by the Outer Planets Alliance members during the occupation of Medina Station by the Laconian Empire. When these forces escaped the slow zone, they formed the underground. Having captured a Laconian fast destroyer, the Gathering Storm, Bobbie Draper captained the ship in operations against the Laconian Empire.


Name Location Notes
Draper Station Freehold system Built into caverns in a dead volcanic moon


Designation Class Type Notes
Rocinante Corvette-class Light frigate Flagship of the fleet during the Siege of Laconia
Gathering Storm Pulsar-class Destroyer The most powerful ship in the Underground fleet
Carcassonne Donnager-class Battleship
Armstrong Donnager-class Battleship
Bellerophon Donnager-class Battleship
Bhikaji Cama Unknown-class Ice hauler
Mosley Unknown-class Ice hauler Sister ship of Bhikaji Cama
Verity Close Unknown-class Ice hauler Sister ship of Bhikaji Cama
Pendulum Arc Unknown-class Cargo hauler
Deliverance Unknown-class Unknown Ship from Hamshalim system
Benedict Unknown-class Unknown Ship from Hamshalim system
Chet Lam Unknown-class Unknown
Cassius Unknown-class Unknown Ship from Sigurtà system
Destroyed by railgun hit
Quinn Unknown-class Unknown Ship from Haza system
Prince of the Face Unknown-class Unknown Ship from Haza system
Garcia y Vazquez Unknown-class Unknown Commanded by Captain Sellers
Neve Avivim Unknown-class Unknown
Tucumcari Unknown-class Rock-hopper A rock-hopper retrofitted to fight pirates in Arcadia system
Destroyed by torpedo hit
Nang Kwak Unknown-class Unknown A private security company stealth ship
Destroyed by round of PDCs
White Crow Unknown-class shuttle


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