Various organizations and governmental branches impose the wearing of specific uniforms.

UN logo United NationsEdit

UNN Commissioned Officer uniformEdit

Officers of the United Nations Navy wear a blue uniform with insignia on the shoulders, the officer's name being on the right breast and medals on the left breast. Some versions, such as those worn by Colonels (such as Janus) , are olive drab/ grey in colour.

Formal uniformEdit

Worn by United Nations military officers on Earth during official meetings with the United Nations Security Council.

  • Admiral
  • Admiral
  • Colonel

Standard uniformEdit

Standard uniform is worn by officers when on active duty, utilising greyish blue and black colours. There are two variants of standard, a 1-piece jumpsuit (seen worn by Admiral Souther and Lieutenants Shaffer and Mancuso) and a 2-piece uniform (worn by Fleet Admiral Nguyen).

  • 1-piece Admiral
  • 1-piece Captain
  • 1-piece Officer
  • 1-piece Back displaying ship name
  • 2-piece
  • 2 piece and 1 piece uniforms
  • 2-piece Admiral
  • 2-piece back
  • blue undershirt to uniform

Enlisted Personnel uniformEdit

  • UNN Thomas Prince jumpsuit
  • jumpsuit

Non-Navy personelEdit

Various non navy personnel are sometimes stationed onboard UNN ships who are supplied uniforms. The first of these is a blue uniform very similar to the standard uniform with a UN badge on the left breast, however without the name badge. This comes in a 1-piece and 2-piece, and has a v-neck unlike the standard uniform's closed neck. Various scientists onboard are provided a desert brown fleece and trousers.

United Nations Marine CorpsEdit

UNMC Commissioned officers uniformEdit

The UNMC commissioned officers have their own uniform separate from that of the UNN officers.

Formal uniformEdit

The formal UNMC officer uniform is very similar to that of the UNN with the exception being that it is green in colour instead of blue.

  • General

Standard officer uniformEdit

The standard uniform worn by UNMC officers is a grey one piece outfoot with a belt. A UN logo is on the left chest, and name tag on right chest. A UNN badge is worn on each epaulet. This uniform is similar to the Navy uniform which is blue.

  • Colonel

Enlisted Personnel uniformEdit

Formal uniformEdit

Regular Marines wear a grey uniform with a black beret. The right chest contains a namebadge and the left chest a UNMC badge.

Standard uniformEdit

Worn by United Nations Marine Corps marines and Military Police officers. It comprises of a dark blue jumpsuit (containing various UN logos and markings), a nametag and epaulettes worn with a beret. In combat situations torso armor is worn on top of the jumpsuit.

UN Military Police officers are also seen wearing riot gear atop the standard uniform, such as during the protest outside the United Nations Headquaters in New York City.

  • Military Police riot helmet
  • Military Police riot gear

UN light armor (type one)Edit

The type one light armor is used by United Nations Military police and United Nations Marine Corps. The armor is not Vaccum capable, however a separate VAC suit can be worn underneath the armor addition to breathing equipment, this vac-suit can include addition armor on the thighs and arms. This version appears to have been replaced by type 2 light armor onboard UNN ships, although is still used by security on Earth.

  • worn over VAC suit
  • worn over VAC suit
  • worn over VAC suit

UN light armor (type two)/ environment suitEdit

The United Nations Marine Corps wear type two light armor onboard their Truman-class dreadnoughts when providing security or being deployed in high risk areas. It provides armor protection to the torso, full legs, and full arms and shoulders. This light armor is vaccum capable when paired with breathing equipment.


United Nations Spacesuits are used by the United Nations Navy. UN ships keep stores of "Emergency VAC-Suit DLP-025 Class E" is used by naval personal for damage control teams and when ship's are vented. Some VAC suits are compatible with the type one light armor which can be worn over the top. A second type of spacesuit was formally used by UNMC which incorporated type 1 light armor over it.

  • Emergency VAC-suit
  • Emergency VAC-suit Helmet
  • VAC-suit with type one armor
  • VAC-suit with type one armor
  • VAC-suit helmet

Martian Congressional Republic Martian Congressional RepublicEdit

MCRN Commissioned Officer uniformEdit

Worn by senior members of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. Uniforms vary depending on the rank and generation.

Standard uniform 2-piece Edit

Seen worn by Admiral Peñano and Captain Martens during the summit in New York City, it similar to the 2nd Gen standard dress uniform. However in the absence of a vessel logo is the horizontal MCRN logo and a clip on nametag and instead of a left side nametag is room for medals. The dress uniform also contains an MCRN collar clip. The Admiral dress uniform also contains several circular markings on the epaulettes.

  • Admiral
  • Captain
  • Captain

Standard uniform 1-piece Edit

Worn by the crew of the Donnager as well as by Alex Kamal during his service in the MCRN[1]. It is a one piece and utilise black and orange colour scheme. The only discernible markings are a vertical MCRN logo on the right chest side. This uniform appears to be an older one and is not seen again after Season 1.

  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant

Ship specific standard uniform (version 1)Edit

Lieutenant Sutton, Commander Thorsen and many others seen wearing this uniform aboard the MCRN Scirocco , which also includes a vessel logo on the right chest side and a nametag (with Martian flag) on the left chest side. The vertical MCRN logo is moved to the side of the sleeves. The ship name is often printed on the uniform's back however this is not always the case. Although the majority of this uniform consist of one-piece jumpsuits, there do exist two-piece variants such as the one worn by Captain Chandra Lucas aboard the MCRN Xuesen. Chaplains, such as Martens also wear dove collar pins on their uniforms to distinguish themselves.

  • Captain - Standard uniform (version 1)
  • Lieutenant - Standard uniform (version 1)
  • Lieutenant - Standard uniform (version 1)
  • Chaplain - Standard uniform (version 1)

Ship specific standard uniform (version 2)Edit

Captain Sandrine Kirino and Lieutenant Durant are seen wearing the 3rd Gen uniform aboard the MCRN Hammurabi. It is similar to the version 1, but the orange epaulettes are now black, the stripe up the left side of the jumpsuit is now wide and orange and the pattern on the orange accents has a scaled appearance. Placement of vessel logo and nametags remain unchanged, as does the orange collar.

Force Recon Marines on certain ships (such as the MCRN Xuesen) wear this type of uniform despite most not being naval officers, and with a slight variation of having the Martian Marine Corps logo on the shoulder.

  • Captain - Standard Uniform (version 2)
  • Chief of Boat - Standard Uniform (version 2)
  • Marines - Standard Uniform (version 2)
  • Marine - Ship name on back (version 2)

Enlisted Personnel uniformEdit

Personnel in both the Martian Congressional Republic Navy and the Martian Marine Corps are seen wearing this variant of uniform when not performing formal or combat duties.

Standard uniform comprises of a jumpsuit that is dark grey in colour, with a single orange red stripe up the left hand side. A nametag is present on the left chest side (along with the Martian flag) and the logo of the vessel the suit was issued in on the right chest side. The name of the vessel is also printed on the back of the jumpsuit. Black undershirts and tights also bearing the vessel name are worn under the jumpsuit. The MCRN or MMC logo also sometimes appears on the shoulder, depending on the wearers affiliation.

Maintenance staff wear identical jumpsuits but orange in colour. MCRN Ensign uniforms as seen worn by Loftis, Sinopoli and Ranhofer have a larger, thicker red stripe running down the left hand side.

  • Scirocco Maintenance Jumpsuit
  • Hammurabi Maintenance Jumpsuit
  • Tachi Jumpsuit
  • Scirocco MMC Jumpsuit
  • Tachi Undershirt
  • Scirocco Undershirt
  • Kittur Chennamma Ensign Jumpsuit

Martian Marine CorpsEdit

Members of the Martian Marine Corps are seen wearing multiple variants of uniform, some very similar in appearance to that of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy.

Formal Uniform Edit

Worn on formal occasions, such as by Gunnery Sergeant Bobbie Draper at the peace talks on Earth. Also worn by Marines during a dinner during the visit to Mars by the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

It comprises of a zip up formal jacket and pants, a black turtleneck undershirt and orange accents. The right chest side contains the MMC logo and a metallic nametag. The left chest side contains room for medals and commendations. The male version has a close neck fit, with the female version having a V-neck fit.

Martian light armor/Environment Suit Edit

The MCRN vac-suit also known as Martian light armor[2] like those of the UNN combines both vacuum capabilities and armor protection as standard. The armor covers the torso and all limbs while retaining flexibilty to allow the wearer good movement. Inbuilt into both wrists are holographic computers which can be used to scan DNA via the fingertip[3].

There are two variants of helmet worn with this armor, the 1st variant with increased face armor, and 2nd variant with a full face panel. Both Helmets include a sun-visor that can be pulled down over the face panels. Both Marines and Navy personnel can wear this armor.

Regular Marines (non Force Recon) are also shown wearing this armour when acting in a Military Police capacity, primarily guarding Martian Congressional Republic Embassy on Earth.

  • light armor - no helmet.
  • Torso
  • Data Cube Insert
  • light armor back
  • wrist computer
  • DNA id scanner
  • Helmet - variant 1
  • Helmet - variant 2
  • Helmet variant 1 with opened face panel
  • expendable thrust pack
  • Concept Art

Powered Armor Edit

Members of the Martian Marine Corps Force Recon, such as Gunnery Sergeant Bobbie Draper, wear Goliath Powered Armor. Unlike the Reaver Powered Armor worn by United Nation's Marines, this armor utilises a multi-barrel minigun built into the right arm, and an attachable RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) launcher built into the back.

A specialised, semi mechanical undersuit is required to be worn underneath this armour, and is often worn on its own by Force Recon Marines when on standby to enable quick suiting up.

  • Helmets removed
  • Undersuit
  • Undersuit and Goliath Armor
  • RPG launcher

Military PoliceEdit

The Miliary police uniform is shown in a scene on Mars. It is a two piece suit of grey and black, with a belt buckle.

EMC medicEdit

Seen on Mars. This is a one piece grey suit with a belt buckle and EMS written on the right breast under a logo. EMS is also written on the back.

Mariner Valley Police DepartmentEdit

The MVPD uniform consists of a t-shirt with MVPD badge on right breast with a badge on the left chest with individual officer information. A black belt is worn around the waste with attachments.

Main Asteroid BeltEdit

Tycho Station Edit

Uniforms aboard Tycho Station vary depending on the sector and specialisation of the employee.

Regular Staff uniform Edit

Regular staff operational and administrative staff wear a grey jumpsuit with black accents and the Tycho logo on the right hand chest side. Some members of staff responsible for the construction of the LDSS Nauvoo (such as Drummer) are seen with the ships patch on their right shoulder.

  • Standard Staff Jumpsuit - Front
  • Standard Staff Jumpsuit - Nauvoo Patch
  • Tycho fleece

Medical StaffEdit

Medics and doctors aboard the station are seen wearing either white hooded sweatshirts with the Tycho medical logo and black pants, or white vests with a generic medical logo.

  • Medical Staff Uniform (Tycho Med Logo)
  • Medical Staff Vest (Generic Med Logo)

Security DepartmentEdit

Security personnel aboard the station wear long sleeved black shirts with grey accents and the Tycho logo, black pants and a black hat with the Tycho logo.

  • Security Staff Uniform

Star Helix SecurityEdit

Uniformed Star Helix officers on Ceres wear dark grey pants, bomber jackets with black epaulettes and caps emblazoned with the company logo.

Uniformed Star Helix officers on Ganymede wear dark green jumpsuits and tan tactical vests emblazoned with the company logo.

  • Officer Uniform - Ceres
  • Officer Uniform - Ganymede

CPM Security Corporation Edit

Ordinary uniformed security officers on Eros wear tan shirts, black CPM branded tactical vests with epaulettes and black caps with the CPM logo as their standard uniform. Occasionally, some uniformed CPM officers are also seen wearing body armour and riot helmets. Plainclothes detectives such as Inspector Sematimba wear small CPM pins on their personal jackets.

Newly recruited CPM officers (the majority being former criminals and gang members) are more lax with uniform standards, only wearing CPM branded tactical vests over their regular clothes.

  • Detective Pin
  • Regular Uniforms and Hats
  • Regular Body Armour (Front) and Helmets
  • Regular Body Armour (Rear)
  • Tactical Vest Only

Belternavybadge Outer Planets AllianceEdit

Trial Belter Navy uniform Edit

A trial standardized uniform is created by Klaes Ashford for certain members of the crew of the OPAS Behemoth. Only Belters whom came to the ship with Ashford (such as Diogo Harari) wear this uniform, with the majority remaining in their Tycho station uniforms and work outfits. It consists of a black jumpsuit and duty belt both adorned with a formalised OPA logo. Rank is shown by pips placed on the left arm of each uniform.

Medina Station uniformEdit

Based upon the Belter trial uniform created by Klaes Ashform. This uniform is form fitting and retains the rank insigna from the previous uniform whilst mimicing Inner uniforms. As Medina is a station this version lacks EVA capability.

Medina Station spacesuitEdit

A spacesuit worn by Drummer at Medina Station. It is black in colour with a grey stripe along the side. A OPA Navy badge is place on the left chest, and Medina Station written on the back.

Improvised uniformEdit

An improved OPA Navy uniform made by getting existing Spacesuits placing a large OPA Navy badge on the chest (either above the heart or centre of the torso) and dyeing them black. Usually worn with a harness over it.

  • dyed over badges on arm

OPA Behemoth Security Edit

Regular security officers aboard the OPAS Behemoth are seen wearing a black flak jacket with pouches over a standard Tycho station marked outfit. Although officers are Tycho employees, the uniform differs from those worn by members of the Tycho Station Security Department aboard Tycho Station.

Mao-Kwikowski MercantileEdit

Protogen Medical Staff uniformEdit

Worn by medical staff on the Protogen facility on Io.

  • Io medical staff
  • Io science staff

Protogen Environmental SuitEdit

Worn by the Protogen mercenaries who board and attack the MCRN Donnager and later supervise the Eros incident.

Guanshiyin Crew uniformsEdit

Uniforms worn by crew members aboard the Guanshiyin are dark blue with black accents, epaulettes and the Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile logo on the shoulder.

Captain Malik's uniform is absent of the ships badge, simply displaying an eagle pin and nametag. Regular crew members uniforms also contain the ships badge between the nametag and eagle pin.

  • Uniform - Captain
  • Uniform - Regular Crew


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