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A major event that happened during the Underground-Laconia Conflict in which the slow zone was devastated by a blast created by the Unknown Aggressors after the Laconian Empire deliberately sent ships with timed explosives into the ring gate anomaly.


Elvi Okoye was leading a scientific mission for the Laconian Empire, on a ship specifically made for the mission, the Falcon. The Falcon flies around with a person that was sent to Cortazar's lab, The Pens. The mission which Elvi is tasked to do is, fly around the system to system doing scientific studies in the unexplored systems which may have Protomolecule Artifacts, which they will test using the person infected with Protomolecule, similar to how the Investigator activated and disabled Protomolecule assets, just by being present. The mission that Elvi does not know about is the Laconian's Military objective of finding a relatively sparse and uninhabited system to conduct military weapons tests. During her travels, Elvi finds a system with a large diamond like structure that could be a Rosetta Stone of the Protomolecule creators but she is ordered to leave before she can do any serious studies. The next system they arrive in, Tecoma, meets the military requirements of a sparse system.

They soon conduct a weapons test by sending a Laconian bomb ship into the Ring network through the Tecoma gate while it phases between the gates, this test was conducted against Elvi advisement. The test resulted in a few unfortunate events, first the Tecoma system which contained a neutron star that releases about 10 billion years of Sol's energy in one pulsar. The Falcon attempts to escape the blast and retreats into the Laconian system. Right after, the neutron star pulsar destroys not only its own systems gate but also the Thanjavur gate on the opposite side of the game in the Slow Zone. The Pulsar also causes a missing time skipping event throughout the gate network connected systems, similar to when Pallas Station was destroyed. The Falcon is nearly destroyed, but Elvi is capable of navigating the Falcon out of danger, unfortunately half the crew dies and the rest. Elvi is also injured with a piece of leg missing and her hand. Everything in the Slow Zone is either killed or destroyed including Medina Station, the Eye of the Typhoon, and Saba the leader of the Underground.


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