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Hi, friends.

I first heard of The Expanse when the series was first promoted on television but never found an opportunity to watch it. One day, I found the first season was available to view for free to Amazon Prime members so I binged the whole first season! Waiting for each of the second season episodes to be released was not enough so, I went and read one book then the next until I had ended up reading all the books and all the novellas before the second season was done!

Science fiction allows us to explore human relationships and culture with a bit of detachment and degree of idealism. Good science fiction takes the science part and extends it beyond our current technology while maintaining a high level of plausibility. Good science fiction is still centered around the human drama. The characters need to be deep and rich. We have to care about the characters and we have to find the situations they're in as well as the choices they make to be believable.

This is good science fiction. They put a lot of effort into getting the science mostly right. They tried to make sure you had lots of characters you could become invested in because of how their experiences made their decisions well-grounded. I found myself watching all the reviews and podcasts! I couldn't get enough but I needed more.

Throughout the fan base, I noticed lots of ideas and I found so much bad information and so many bad theories but the facts weren't well-documented anywhere. That's where this wikia came into play. Here we get a chance to tease out all the intricate details about plot events and characters. We get to share it with other fans and get all the facts straight. We get to tie all the relationships together.

ADDENDUM: I would love for the creators behind this universe to get the best possible resources to fully realize the story. I want to encourage the same caliber of investment in other science-based endeavors. I can help by doing my part to grow the fanbase and enrich the community. This wiki is one of the first places that new fans will land when they learn about The Expanse. More complete and accurate cross-referenced information here on the topics they're most likely to be interested in means they're more likely to find whatever they're looking for and more likely to stay interested.

Interests Edit

  • Technology
  • Language in the Expanse universe as it borrows from real-world language and real culture.
  • Data tables, relationships, numbers (See Georgia Lee and Data Cube)
  • Comparison and contrast of TV adaptation versus Books.
  • Images [Photos and Video]

Favorite cast Edit

  1. Those that love the fiction and are committed to the best possible interpretation of the character
  2. This may not necessarily mean the role is itself my favorite character

My favorite pagesEdit

  • The pages that are detailed, accurate, colorful, attractive, organized and carefully-worded.
    1. Detail is counter-productive if it is misleading.
    2. Speculation and conjecture is frequently needed but should be made apparent as such.
    3. Emotional and psychological motivations of characters are difficult to interpret and as observers it is necessary to recognize this. A character's action can have obvious, ambiguous and even conflicting explanations.
    4. Prejudices and biases should be avoided in interpreting motives not explicitly explained.
    5. Care should be exercised when making statements with colorful vocabulary, jargon, clichés or idiomatic expressions. These may have unintended nuances in connotation that don't fit the scenario's conditions.
  • The pages that have a good balance of exposition of the core subject versus "extras"
    1. only include limited, well-selected trivia -- shouldn't take more than a third of the space on article
    2. for character pages, only includes limited imagery that isn't directly related to character
    3. for episode pages, only includes limited imagery that isn't directly related to episode
    4. for cast/crew pages, only includes limited imagery that isn't directly related to cast/crew
    5. photos shouldn't take more than half the space available when expanded
  • These are my opinions. This is subject to community standards. Exceptions may exist for frequently-requested special purpose articles.

Dream pages Edit

  1. Time line of events for Books versus timeline of events for TV adaptation. (Work In Progress: Timeline and chronology)
  2. Overall map of major production responsibilities tied episode by episode to specific individual crew.

Welcome! Join Us! Edit

==== Please help make this not just something that you're enjoying but something others do too. Let's make it fun. Let's serve the community. Let's make it helpful and informative. Let's be thorough. Let's answer the questions others are asking most. ====

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P.S. Please be respectful of others' time and contributions. Be prepared to explore and communicate with other contributors in the community regarding the fine-grained nuanced purpose of contributions and how they fit into the goals and context of the site. Avoid unnecessary "interpretation" or interjection of any personally developed fiction to fill in story gaps. Cite references from reliable sources. Be prepared to verify the veracity of contributions. Don't waste viewers time with superfluous trivia, personal drama, or personal agendas. If you're not an adult, get supervision to determine relevance and appropriateness of contributions. This is an Expanse fan site and needs to be tightly centered around that.

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