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Vesta (designation 4 Vesta) is one of the largest asteroids in the Asteroid Belt, and the second-most-massive after Ceres. It hosts one of the largest settlements in the outer planets[1][2]. At some time during the UN-MCR Cold War, Vesta was the site of the Vesta Blockade, a confrontation between the UN and MCR that would delay the Martian terraforming efforts for over a century.


Free Navy Conflict[]

During the Consolidated Fleet Offensive, Vesta is successfully captured from Inaros' forces.[3]

Following the Bombardment of Earth during the Free Navy Conflict, Vesta Station had sworn loyalty to the Free Navy.[4]


  • The ancient Roman goddess of the hearth, Vesta, was worshiped in a temple containing an altar on which a sacred fire was kept burning by the vestal virgins: identified with the original Greek goddess Hestia.

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