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The Voice of the Whirlwind is a Magnetar-class battlecruiser of the Laconian Imperial Navy.


During the Laconia-Sol Conflict the Voice of the Whirlwind was being grown at Laconia station in the Laconia system.

Four years after the Laconia-Sol Conflict the Whirlwind was nearing completion. When the Siege of Laconia began the ship was put into service to defend Laconia. Staying close to the planet the battlecruiser was eventually lured away from the planet after a seemingly crippled underground battleship where upon the planet defences and shipyards were destroyed. Returning to the planet the Whirlwind targetlocked the Rocinante but did not fire when commanded not to by Teresa Duarte who was onboard the Roci. The frigate and underground fleet fled the system whilst the Whirlwind stayed at Laconia.

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The name of the ship is likely a reference to a sci-fi novel by the same name written by Walter Jon Williams.


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