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"As you can see, the anomaly doesn't seem to exist as a physical object. It doesn't appear to radiate on any wavelength, except for visible-spectrum photons. Not one sensing device we've aimed at it can even tell that it's there, but we can record it and see it just fine. Being in the same room with it, looking at it, it's quite disorienting and causes double vision and severe headaches"
The Expanse Novel Persepolis Rising - Chapter 35: Singh

A void bullet[1] is a weapon used by the Unknown Aggressors. A few of these artifacts were encountered by humanity after exploring the Ring network. These can cause all sentient life in a solar system to lose consciousness for several minutes at a time, or as in the case of the Builders, kill them outright.


A Void Bullet was discovered deep underground on Ilus IV that was then used to shut down all Protomolecule-based technology on the planet.

When the Heart of the Tempest fired its USM field projector at Pallas and disintegrated the asteroid, a void bullet appeared onboard the Tempest that caused a loss of three minutes of consciousness across the Sol system. The bullet within the Tempest stayed in line with the battlecruiser in one of its corridors and physical objects would pass right through it.

On Ilus IV a part of the Investigator with Miller's personality takes James Holden to the sole part of the planet he could not see or detect. This was where a Void bullet was located. Miller then linked himself to every Ring Builders device on the world and placed himself into a physical device to touch the Void bullet knowing it would kill every device he was connected to. Holden left, however Elvi Okoye arrived and hurled the Investigator into the Void Bullet killing him. All Ring Builder technologies were shut down by this and rendered inert.<ref>The Expanse TV Series - Season 4, Episode 9: "Saeculum"



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