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The unspoken truth was that the union had commissioned the void cities as a permanent response to the colony worlds’ interest in building their own fleets. A void city couldn’t control a whole solar system, but it could command a ring gate.
Persepolis Rising, Chapter 23

Void cities are enormous settlements for residents of the system who would normally be considered within "Belters' dominion" and these cities are controlled by the Transport Union, each housing roughly two hundred thousand people. These cities were equipped to also serve as battleships, medical facilities, ports, and resupply posts.

These cities include Independence, Guard of Passage, and People's Home, as well as Assurance of Peace which was under construction at the Pallas-Tycho Shipyards.

During the Laconian attack on Sol the Void City Independence was destroyed during the opening battle.

Known Void cities Edit

Designation Type Appearances Notes
People's Home Station/battleship Books
Independence Station/battleship Books
Guard of Passage Station/battleship Books
Assurance of Peace Station/battleship Books Never completed. Was abandoned when Heart of the Tempest approached when only half-built.


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