The Voltaire Collective were 'ideological provocateurs'[1][2][3]

During the Free Navy Conflict Rosenfeld Guoliang was a noted leader. Thirty years later during the Laconia-Sol Conflict Katria Mendez led a cell aboard Medina Station

Katria Mendez's cell was responsible for the death of second lieutenant Imari, a Laconian environmental support technician.

Jordao was a treacherous operative of Katria's cell that nearly sabotaged Clarissa's mission objective to disrupt the sensor array.

Notes Edit

  • The logo of the Voltaire Collective is described as a "knifelike V" and is said to be worn alongside the OPA's "split circle"[2]
  • There is no reported branch of Voltaire Collective on Ceres. That station is dominated primarily by two other OPA branches.

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