Were you looking for the 9th episode of season 2 of the TV show The Expanse, "The Weeping Somnambulist"?
This page is about the Book-icon-simple books ship. For the TV incarnation, see Weeping Somnambulist (TV).

The Weeping Somnambulist is a Ceres-registered food freighter which spent twenty years delivering food from Ganymede to Ceres prior to the Ganymede incident. The ship was nearly a hundred years old and at the end of her life cycle; the crash couches were about 70 years old, for example.

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After it was attacked by an undesignated light space pirate freighter, the Somnambulist's original crew died. The OPA sent the Rocinante after the pirates, and after they arrested the pirates, the Somnambulist was manned by the crew of the Roci (impersonating the original crew) and sent to Ganymede to investigate the Ganymede incident, under the guise of relief support.

The full name is only used once in the book and the word "Weeping" is usually omitted thus sometimes leading to confusion when it is included.

After the incident, Jim Holden gave the Somnambulist to a group of Pinkwater soldiers as payment for their help during the situation.

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  • The TV show changed the storyline of the Weeping Somnambulist rather dramatically.
  • A somnambulist, in the most basic definition, is a person who walks during sleep or under hypnosis. Other actions have also been observed

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