Xan is a seven-year-old born to a couple of scientific researchers soon after they resettled on Laconia.



Xan has an older sisterby one year named Cara who loves to explore the nearby wilderness of the planet they settled on.

Xan has a best friend named Santiago born to a military family in the Laconian Navy.


Xan lies about completing chores and goes to play with his friend Santiago. Unfortunately, while in the road, he is run down by a vehicle operated by an inebriated soldier and Xan dies.

His lifeless body is brought back to his family home and many families come to the viewing to console the Xan's family, Winston Duarte and Santiago's family among those attending.

Cara, Xan's sister, having seen the eerie marvel of a resurrected indigenous sunbird and a similar repair of her parents' utility drone, brings her brother's body to the same strange dogs connected with those occurances. Xan is revived now with the same black eyes as the sunbird.

When Xan returns with Cara to the family home, their parents are horrified.

Cara and Xan escape to the wilderness together.

Notes Edit

  • Xan is described as a seven-year-old born on Laconia and his friend is described as being a seven-year-old as well. However, that best friend character described in the next novel his personal experiences at the time of the Io Campaign years before Xan's family could have arrived on Laconia. This age discrepancy/inconsistency cannot be explained in the context of the plot.


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