Alexander "Xan" Bisset was a seven-year-old child born soon after his parents settled on Laconia.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Xan's parents were scientific researchers that had left Earth to come to Laconia as part of the initial scientific expedition to the planet prior to Admiral Winston Duarte relocating his loyalists here. He has an older sister named Cara, who loved to explore the nearby wilderness of the planet that they settled on.

Xan also had a best friend named Santiago, who was born to a military family in the Laconian Navy.

History[edit | edit source]

Xan lied about completing chores and went on to play with his friend Santiago. Unfortunately, while playing on the road, he was run down by a vehicle operated by an inebriated soldier and died from the trauma.

His lifeless body was brought back to his family home, where many families came to the viewing to console his family; with Santiago's family and even Admiral Duarte among those attending.

Cara, Xan's sister, having seen the eerie marvel of a resurrected indigenous sunbird and a similar repair of her parents' utility drone, brought her brother's body to the same strange dogs connected with those occurrences. The following day Xan was revived, albeit now with the same black eyes as the sunbird and with grayish skin.

When Xan returned with Cara to their home, their parents were horrified and attempted to contact the local authorities, forcing Cara and Xan to escape to the wilderness together.[1]

Xan and his sister were captured and became research "artifacts" in Paolo Cortázar's private laboratory located in the Pen. The studies conducted over the twenty years that Xan was held in the lab showed that his physiology had remained static and he would always look like an immature human being. He had a similar structure and chemistry as his original body. The changes made to his physiology were not large, they were improvements. The grayness in his skin was an artifact of the oxygen transport throughout his body. The blackness of his eyes was an optical structure that was better at capturing light.[2]

Additionally, Xan and Cara knew extensive information, that they called the library after their re-creation by the repair drones. It was, according to them, like knowing things without having to learn them first.[3]

High Consul Duarte’s interest in personal immortality came from the research conducted on Xan and his sister.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Xan is described as a seven-year-old born on Laconia and his friend Santiago is described as being a seven-year-old as well. However, in Persepolis Rising that character describes his personal experiences at the time of the Io Campaign years before Xan's family could have arrived on Laconia. This age discrepancy/inconsistency cannot be explained in the context of the plot.


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