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The MCRN Xuesen (EML-12) is a Scirocco-class assault cruiser in the Martian Congressional Republic Navy.

History Edit

The Xuesen was one of the many Martian Congressional Republic Navy ships deployed to the Ring structure near Uranus, alongside a combined United Nations Navy and Outer Planets Alliance fleet.

Having been reinstated in the Martian Marine Corps, Gunnery Sergeant Bobbie Draper was aboard the ship during this time.

During the slow zone Incident the Xuesen was the second ship to enter the slow zone, chasing Rocinante sending Dropship one to chase James Holden into Ring Station. During this time whilst the dropship was stationary the slow zone defenses lowered the speed limit catching the Xuesen and causing an instant stop killing one third of the crew and badly injuring a further third[1]




  • the ship is likely named in honor of a Chinese engineer, 钱学森, of the 20th century with contributions in aeronautics, cybernetics, and rocketry

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