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The Y Que was a small slingshot racing ship owned and crewed by Manéo Jung-Espinoza Books • TV.


Manéo spent months building it from salvage. It was not outfitted with an Epstein Drive, and had its Transponder removed to maintain radio silence. The vessel is covered in graffiti and includes a graphic of his Supa Star logo.

Supa Star logo


The ship was used by Manéo to slingshot from the Belt via Europa, Jupiter and Saturn out to Uranus's orbit and beyond, to ultimately reach and fly through the Ring.[1] Although he was successful in achieving the flight trajectory for this, the slow zone on the other side of the Ring caused the pilot's death, and the Y Que came to rest in orbit around the Ring Station together with other debris.[2]

In "Delta-V", Manéo was on his way to Jupiter to try to set a new record on the "Jupiter-6 run", a slingshot-race around 6 orbital bodies of the planet. After successfully perform this race, he headed for Saturn to break other records there.[3] To impress his girlfriend Evita, he then decided to head even further outside beyond Uranus's orbit, to reach and fly through the Ring. By doing so, he inadvertently activated the Ring and triggered the defences of the slow zone, causing his death. However, the Y Que wasn't destroyed but slowly pulled towards the center of the zone and finally came to rest in orbit around the Ring Station.[3]



  • The phrase "Y Que" is of Spanish roots. As such, it is not pronounced like the letters "Y"-"Q" but rather "E"-"K". It was pronounced as such in dialog both by Manéo and by the Hammurabi communications officer.


  • The literal translation of Y Que (Spanish) is "and what?". However, the English equivalent to this phrase is "So what?". In their respective languages, these phrases are used as a form of confrontational challenge and in competitive situations as well.

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