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The Zhang Guo was a spacecraft, the legal property of the Bergavin family, commandeered by Clarissa and Amos from resort community on Rattlesnake Island in Lake Winnipesaukee. The ship has the quality of a ostentatious parlor to conspicuously flaunt wealth. Along with Erich and his crew, they repair Zhang Guo and defend it from opportunistic profiteering security headed by a man identified only for the conspicuous hat that adorned his head. Clarissa remarks on the peculiar coincidence of the trio that is repairing the ship. They do this to escape from Earth's devastation heading for Luna. They rescue the Quartermans' servants Stokes and Natalia.[1]

The ship is left at the Luna docks in the hands of Erich and his crew including the woman Amos refers to as Butch and the young man he refers to as Scarf Boy.

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The incident with the security becomes another small model for study, pointed out by the character of Amos, of tribalism, one similar to frequent other occurrences depicted in this series of novels.

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