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The Zmeya, civilian registry #4569761=56=LK, was a transport ship that was secretly operated by the Free Navy and transported the Protomolecule sample stolen during the Tycho station Coup.

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Events[edit | edit source]

The Zmeya was en route to Tycho Station to pick up a cargo container on what seemed like a standard operation. It was discovered that the container had been used to hide the kidnapped Monica Stuart. She was discovered and rescued by station personnel. Later, Fred Johnson put three men in the container led by Bull to ambush the crew of the Zmeya when it arrived.

When the Zmeya arrived, however, its crew were aware of the ambush due to having been tipped off by secret Free Navy personnel on the station. When the ship got close to the station, the Zmeya changed thrust to face towards it and fired a missile at the cargo container instead. The ambushers inside managed to escape shortly before when James Holden realized it was a trap and warned them. The Zmeya then fired a breaching pod at Fred's quarters with a automated mech onboard to cut its way into Fred's safe and steal the active Protomolecule samples contained within. Returning to the breaching pod, the mech was launched back to the Zmeya, which obtained the sample and retreated.[1]

The Zmeya was subsequently followed by the Rocinante and contacted the Free Navy command fleet repeatedly for a rendezvous point while trying to slip past the Rocinante's sensors. When the Rocinante was able to track down the ship and assault it, the Zmeya launched nine torpedoes from its bay to destroy its pursuer. The Rocinante was able to avert all incoming torpedoes with its PDCs and successfully destroyed the Zmeya's drive cone with a railgun shot. However, refusing to surrender, the Zmeya crew intentionally overloaded its reactor and obliterated the entire ship in the process.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Zmeya" is the modern Russian word for snake or serpent. In Russian folklore, it is the word for “dragon.”


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